Redirecting sexual energy without being aroused/ erect

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After finding out about my porn addiction and looking into abstinence, karezza, bonding behaviors, I also got into the idea of sexual transmutation. For those who do not know what this is, it's the idea that our sexual energy is the most powerful and potent driving force in our lives and can help us reach great financial, spiritual, heights if channelled correctly. They say many artists painters philosophers and inventors practiced this ( Napoleon hills book think and grow rich). Marnia goes into some of this in her book cupids poisoned arrow. Now I wanted to learn how to do this and saw reviews on amazon about a book called Taoist yoga and sexual energy by Eric yudelove. In the book a lot of exercises require edging ( bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm) and then redirecting that sexual energy upwards. A lot of people say they have been very frustrated doing exercises this way. So my question is, can one transmute or channel sexual energy without edging, and if so how? If you just stop masturbating, thereby saving sexual energy and just start focusing on activities and pursuits, is that enough? Or do you have to consciously raise the energy upwards to create magnetism, and all the rewards. I hope there is a way without edging as edging would create a dopamine high ( not as much as orgasming ) but pretty bad which without oxytocin to balance it, can make a person go crazy. I would prefer to hear from someone who has increased there magnetism, skills, memory, noticeably. Do you need to do this raising of the energy while erect to notice that? Or will abstinence+ meditation+ healthy diet+ healthy interaction and exercise lead to that? Again any ideas are welcome but preferably from ones who can say for sure

abstinence is amazing

Don't get into edging.

If you simply do not have orgasms you will begin to experience great mental clarity and high energy levels. Focus and great physical workouts.

Just keep doing what you have been doing (and not doing what you have been not doing). The most important thing you can do is a lot of bonding with a girl. And avoid PMO. Everything else is kind of a distraction.

The mind has a way of convincing us to get its way and rationalize behaviors that are bad for us. Don't fall for the mind's tricks :)

Stay on the horse and don't get distracted.


So just to clarify, avoiding pmo and fantasies to the best of your ability while engaging in life pursuits ( working out, studying, meditation, goals, etc.) will automatically make you happier and therefore more magnetic? I guess my other question is what is the cause of magnetism from no pmo?

Not really like that but sort of...

Cutting out PMO doesnt necessarily automatically make you some sort of Don Juan or transcendent being or Albert Einstein. I mean dont get me wrong it does help you and you will see changes but its more because youve cut off an unlimited supply of (2D) women and your brain kicks your ass to make you go out and talk to real women because it wants that energy. So you smile more and find yourself seeking out the company of real women because you have no other outlet. PMO is the easy way to coast through life because theres no rejection or anxiety. I think it all depends on your personality also. If your shy and reserve by nature youll notice more of a change.

There is a way to redirect it

There is a way to redirect it. I learned it in a Qigong book many years ago.

You can do it whether you have erection or not. I have found that if i have erection and i do this, the erection will dimish because i would have transferred the energy into other parts of my body.

This exercise is meant to rejuvenate and reenergize your body's organs, meridians, and clearing out channels.

Breathe in and imagine the energy going from your lower spine going up to your head.

Breathe out and imagine the energy going down from head back to your abdomen/belly at the front.

Breathe in and imagine the energy going from your belly circling your waste to the back of your body (at the spine at same level as your belly button).

Breathe out and imagine the energy going from the back point going up to your shoulders and to your arms/hands.

Breathe in to collect the energy to your throat area.

Breathe out and imagine the energy going down to your perinium (below your genitals).

Breathe in and imagine the energy going to your legs meridians to your sole of feet.

breathe in and imagine the energy going back to your belly button to be kept there for storage.

Do this everyday and your body will become fit and strong.!