Relapsed after almost 5 weeks! Feel so disappointed in myself.

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Hey everybody,

I relapsed today after almost 5 weeks. I was reading some sex stories and watched some girls on facebook (no nudes) started stroking a little bit until it was to much, i tried to hold it back but it just exploded. Now I feel so bad and disappointed that I created this login and this thread for some support.

Did I lost everything now? Do I have to start all over again? I have not watched ANY porn for almost 5 weeks now. And as I understand it its the porn that's the real problem right?

Please help me out here guys.

Thanks in advance!

Regards from a disappointed 21 year old.

I think you're probably fine

I think you're probably fine dude. I've had a lot of setbacks during my attempts but the only ones that really felt detrimental were ones when I looked at porn or masturbated so much I had to increase force or resort to porn. For me I feel like an occasional m is ok but of course none at all is better.

Hey man,

Hey man,

Thanks for your replay. Feel a lot better now. I guess it's just to jump back on the horse again and be more focused and determined this time. And learn from this misstake.

you're doing great

it's all a process.

Reading stories is the same, to the brain, as watching porn, or pretty close to it. Some of us had more of a problem with erotic stories than video porn.

Yep, learn from the mistakes and get back on the horse. Facebook is a trigger for a lot of us.

You've done quite well to start out with, 5 weeks with no porn. What's your secret been?

Hey man

Hey man

Don't panic! You're making this far worse then it actually is.

See it this way: normally you would watch it every day and now you went 5 weeks without it? How on earth can you be mad at yourself? Why don't awnser that question for us :D

progress hardly if ever is linear, particurarily when it comes to addictions.

Just one tip: learn from it. See what triggered it and see what you can do to prevent it in the future.


That's an amazing achievement. The longest day i can go was 14 days.
And yes, i agree with Terminus. Masturbation WHILE watching porn is a lot worse.