Relapsing Perhaps

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I have been without porn/internet fueled sex for over 60 days now and very limited masturbating (had gone cold turkey for the first month then was limiting to once a week) but lately my commitment has been waning. Last night I looked at porn for a minute and now I feel I am being driven right back into my old sex obsessive ways. When I first decided to reboot I was very excited because it was a new challenge but now it is just feeling old and tired and without expected results. I have seen improvements in my personal life and feel greater esteem and energy but have yet to see a return to libedo. Does anyone have any tips on how to gain my motivation to stay sober again? Ways to keep committed when they are feeling weak?

I am socializing more, which

I am socializing more, which helps, but it seems to be a mental strength thing. I run and lift weights 6 days a week as well. It's just, well I occasionally just want sexual pleasure on occasion and when I do its like an immediate slippery slope.

You're not alone

Just remember that... there's loads of us struggling with you. Today I feel great, and no urges for a while, but they do seem to come in waves. And looking at sexy pictures, let alone porn, can bring all those old feelings rushing back.

You need to find something enjoyable to do when your agitated. I've found hopping into a videogame tends to distract me and works really well. Otherwise I pick up the guitar and have a jam or watch a movie/tv.

Whatever you do, you have to take your mind off of it. I've read libido not returning until day 90+ (some I've seen have been over 100 days) so you're not there yet. We both know you don't want to slip back to your old ways.