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I haven't been on this website for months so I'm not sure if this is the correct protocol to pose this question. Back then I had a conversation with Marnia about relationships. One of the things that she mentioned was the observation that relationships between men and women seem to be getting "worse everyday". I'm wondering if you, Marnia....or anyone else could elaborate on that...perhaps have some insights that could clarify or expand on that thought...i.e. why are relationships getting worse all the time? I notice that they are too, but some thoughts and opinions from others would be helpful.Thankyou.

My thought is that

as the rules break down that kept relationships somewhat stable - and kept people in families and "tribes" (which was soothing to our tribal, pair-bonding brains) - the chaos is increasing. A part of the breakdown includes a more casual, orgasm-driven focus on sex, which feels good in the moment, but speeds the rise of chaos because of its effects on perception and priorities.

What's your opinion?

On relationships.

Yes, my opinion includes what you have said about the chaos increasing. I also see/feel a great deal of anger/frustration at the patriarchy which has dominated our planet and culture for thousands of years. As this breaks down, the tendency has been in some quarters, as you observed, to treat sex more casually which only exacerbates the conflict. I have said in conversations that women love sex...and they hate it! And gotten a knowing chuckle. Sex is a sacrament...and your book cultivates that awareness. I only wish I could find a partner who doesn't become frightened by this whole idea....even though I can see it's what they really want. Very confusing!!


Can you get potential partners to read the book? Sometimes it helps.

You may also tell them to just try the 3 weeks of exchanges with you and then make a decision. 3 weeks isn't much. Not as scary, perhaps.