Relationship anxiety versus PMO fallout

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I came across . Here's the breakdown of the course: The e-course seem pricey and is perhaps over-commercialized. It's fair to sell expertise and effort, but when one is commercializing forums, something seems off-putting. 

The ideas seemed interesting so I dug some more. The e-course is targeted at relationship anxiety, primarily a state that folks get into post-engagement. It also aims to deal more broadly with anxiety and relationship anxiety. Relationship anxiety is defined by Paul as having two types. Relationship anxiety sounds similar in some ways to PMO fallout perception issues.

It seems a core part of the e-course is based upon Inner Bonding; (which makes sense give Sheryl Paul is the daughter of Margaret Paul). See also,

How does relationship anxiety differ from PMO fallout? Are the tools used to conquer one similar to those used for the other? Might these be interchangeable to some extent?

Any firsthand experiences with engagement/wedding or other relationship anxiety?