Resources for prolonging stamina

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Are there any good resources (i.e. books, websites, articles) that describe techniques to help men prolong their stamina during intercourse? This seems especially important if we are practicing with a partner not interested in karezza as I would still like to prolong our experience while avoiding orgasm.


Without a doubt, staying with

Without a doubt, staying with your breathing is crucial and can make a huge difference. Also, consider practicing what I call “solo cultivation” which is basically masturbation without going over the “finish line”. Kind of a gentle “edging”. Self pleasuring up to the point of nearing ejaculation, then backing off, then increasing stimulation again, round and round.....but gently so. Take your time going up and dont spend a lot of time on the edge. Practicing by yourself makes it much easier to sense where you are without all the additional stimuli of a partner, plus you can stop quickly and often as you need. Then when you are engaged with your honey you’ll have a much better sense of where you are and how to control yourself. I did this years ago when I was trying to get the hang of it, as my partner, in the beginning, wasn’t interested in joining me with non-orgasmic sex. Practice strengthening your PC muscle will help tremendously as well. You know, that muscle you use to stop the flow of pee. Squeeze, hold, let go, repeat....practice when you’re driving, while you’re on the computer, while you’re lying in bed....a workout routine for your cock....become a superior lover!

A really helpful position for

A really helpful position for us is cowgirl with him sitting up and leaning against the bed head legs out straight in front of him, because when I am enjoying things immensely the effect is less grabby, for want of a better word, on him down there. Knowing this is very relaxing for me in turn.