Road to Recovery Redux

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Ever since I have joined this site, my masturbation has gone down significantly. This is a great first step! I would have never been able to do this without the support of this site and all of its members. The only time I cave is when I go off of my reset cycle. So far, I have made several 30 day bouts and even a 60 day bout of avoiding PMOs.

As of today, I have gone 22 days without masturbation. I know that I need to make it to 90 days and I know I need to post on here daily, I need the support of all of you!

That is a good question

That is a good question Marnia, and one I am not sure I know the answer to.

What is "normal" exactly? Ideally, i would like to live a life where I am not hyper-sexualized and have no urge whatsoever to engage the part of my brain that gets a rush from sexual things, at least when they come in the form of things that are not real.

I know that I never want to watch porn again. I worry that the next time I am on my own I will not be as strong as I have in the past. That, to me, is not normal yet.

for me

I'm aware if I'm seeing something that is arousing and I pull away from it. It's becoming second nature. When something in TV or a book or a movie triggers something I know it's happening instantly and just gently move away, defocus or use the Red X method.

I think it will take years for this to really go away completely but meanwhile it doesn't matter as this method works well enough. I don't have too many extraneous fantasies and I look at women and men with a pure heart, so to speak.