Sacred Sex,: Meditation, Purification & Bathing the Soul. The Indus Valley Civilization

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Sacred Sex,: Meditation, Purification & Bathing the Soul. The Indus Valley CivilizationThis book, by Leigh Martin, has two parts. The first part is a fictional account of a traveller who visits a village that is still influenced by the ancient Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). It includes a sacred sex encounter. (Excerpt below)

The second part is a scholarly and practical account of IVC practices and wisdom. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings, it describes 14 healthy practices that reach into every corner of life; from meditation to massage, from diet to detox, from philosophy to laughter and from sacred sex to sunshine.

What was the IVC? According to Martin, the IVC was a non-violent egalitarian society, which was also technically advanced. It flourished for a thousand years without weapons or war with neighbours (from 2900 BC to 1900 BC). It is a lesson and a challenge to all modern societies who believe they are “advanced,” yet are riven by internal strife and repeatedly at war.

IVC philosophy evolved into Jainism & Buddhism and, surprisingly, had an influence upon early Christianity. This civilization gave rise to some very special practices: the perfection of partnership & marriage, and the ecstasy of Divine Union.

Says Martin, "This book is written for those who believe there is a Paradise to be found in everyday life."

The book is available on Amazon for a mere $9.03.

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IVC sculptureChapter 17

      It was getting late.   It was a hot night and Alexei was lying on the bed naked. The glow of the full moon flooded in through the window. Eerie temple music drifted in too. Rising and falling with the breeze. The door opened quietly and Lahda walked in.  She was dressed so invitingly.   Her abdomen was visible between a red silk bodice and the waist band of her long flowing skirt.   She danced around the bed and her ankle bangles sounded with every step.  How could he not but adore this lady?  She had a lovely smile that revealed a generous row of pearly white teeth.  Alexei found that smile totally captivating. He could see that smile in the dim light and it lit up his heart.

       Lahda approached Alexei and leaned towards him.  There was a red ribbon tied in a bow in the gap between her breasts and she was silently inviting him to pull at the bow.  Alexei struggled for a moment in the dim light to find the right bits to pull. He pulled. She was un-tethered, but the silky red cups still just about hung on to their interesting load.  Lahda placed her hands over her bosom, and then languidly pulled the lacy cups aside to allow two perfect breasts to spill out. Alexei was captivated.   Lahda knelt on the bed.   She leant closer and pressed her bosom into Alexei’s face.  She smelt so good.    He too, now had a very broad grin.  She sat back on her haunches and said with an inviting voice, 

     “What is your wish?” she asked, as if the genie was now out of the bottle.

      Alexei didn’t know what to say.  There was so many things that he would love to do together with this wonderful woman.   It was not the right time for many words of explanation, so he hit upon something brief and to the point. He thought it to be the right and generous thing to say.  Later he to discovered how silly it must have sounded to Lahda.

    “I’d like us to give you an orgasm”.  He said in an expectant voice.  ...