Screwed up. Starting tomorrow

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I had quit masturbating, porn and orgasm for so long (77 days). Then I went and started having sex with girls and everything was fine. However, I have messed up a couple times by reading stories on the internet and by looking at yahoo answers topics related to sexual material (which is worse than porn). I remember how good I felt when I had quit, hw magnetic I was to woman and all that is slowly fading away. So right now im gonna take some fish oil capsules, go to bed as it is 4 am. Start working out tomorrow, eating healthier, meditating, using the red x method, and am gonna quit pmo again for a good amount of time. When I wake up tomorrow, It will be the start of something wonderful. My goal is 100 days. I am also starting p90x2 on Monday, so that should definitely help me out. I have a girl who I am seeing, but I may have to stop that just to get on track. I also need to apply for jobs and start my career. Wanted to post on here so I feel like I am getting my thoughts and emotions out.