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Hello everyone, I've signed up here just today, but I just wanted to share my experience. I've been watching porn and masturabating to it since I was 15 and now in a few weeks I'll be 18. First time when I experienced some problems with erection were around half a year ago. After looking into this problem, I've found a great website on the net(your brain porn), I decided to try this reboot thing. I managed to get over 48 days and then, I can't even remember for what reason I watched porn, I felt soo bad. Now it's my second attempt at it, God, I hope it's the last one. It's just day 24 today, but I get morning woods, but it's a really non linear procces, some days are great and some are like hell, I've never been in such depression in my entire life, I think if I'd succeed on this quest, I'd be a bigger man. Looking back in my life, I remember when I was 14 and weighted over 98 kg, it took me half a year and I've lost over 22 kg of weight, it was one of the most important changes in my life, but now it feels like it's child's play compared to reboot. The worst thing about it, is that I get these thought in my head that if I can't get an erection from seeing a hot girl, maybe I'm gay ?! I know they are silly, but it's just that I get them quite a lot, they are so annyoing, I have to reasure myself all the time. My brain playing tricks on me, I suppose. During my first reboot, I had a girl, we were just on a few dates, but when I was holding her hand and walking with her I got probably the stongest erection in my life, just from holding hands and huging and that was just on day 32 of my first attempt. Not sure what to add, there's a lot of thought in my head at the moment, I should occupy myself with some sort of accivity. It's great that there are such sites like these, I know that I'm not alone with this problem.

Good luck, lads.


We have been brainwashed by sexologists into believing that our sexual orientation = our erections. This is simply not true with today's superstimulating sex cues around. When we overstimulate our brains, we numb them to normal pleasure. This can lead to confusing erection results and obsession with "testing" to see what causes erections.

The key is to wait until your brain is back to normal sensitivity...then it will all be obvious.

Even at the best of times erections can come and go. If you decide your sexual orientation is coming and're going to create a lot of meaningless stress for yourself. So try not to analyze yourself. Just turn your attention to something else when questions pop into your mind.

Congratulations on getting so far with your reboot. I'm sorry it has been rough. Are you socializing with potential mates? Any cuddle buddies around? (See Calling All Skin-Hungry Cuddle Sluts) Those things can make the lows a lot easier to bear. So do exercise, meditation, time in nature, doing something creative, etc. Let us know what works best for you.

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