Semen as a drug

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I was just wondering. I read where a mans semen can effect a women mind. Is it just our orgasm that effect us or does a mans semen effect us also?

I've seen those claims too

However, it's not clear that it's the sperm that scientists think changes mood. It's other ingredients, which are probably also found in pre-cum. In short, condom-free sex seems to have a positive effect on women, but authorities aren't yet clear on why. Is it the greater intimacy? The exchange of arousal fluids? Or sperm? Some women also have nasty allergies to sperm, and others find out that urinary tract infections and yeast infections fade away with karezza sex.

Perhaps sex without orgasm is the best of all worlds...but researchers certainly aren't yet testing that alternative.


Sometimes orgasms happen during karezza (for both the man and the woman)~~the *intent* is what is important and (I feel) determines whether you will have a "hangover" or not. There are times when my lover and I have been making love for an hour or more and something will trip his switch (and therefore, mine, too, at times), but we've found these orgasms that are not "premeditated" have little effect on our balance (possibly because we've spent so much time balancing each other in the hours beforehand).

I don't think semen is a drug, but I think "yang" is a wonderful, much-needed thing a man gives a woman. (and yin for men) Just the penis in the vagina can be so healing and giving of energy. I'm guessing yang is pretty hard to test for, though... Smile

I wouldn't be

surprised if we evolved to get some kind of buzz from triggering an ejaculation. After all, our genes want to be passed into the next generation, too, and ejaculation is a key part of that process.

That said, if your sexual encounters are satisfying enough on other fronts, you probably won't pine for the subtle pleasure of draining your partner's mojo.