Sensual touch - should I stop it?

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First of all, my basic information - I'm 36, no PMO 120 days except 1time P and M without O couple of days ago. Not much improvement except morning woods so far.

Today, I tried sensual touch -
To make it clear, I do know this techniques is NOT for getting an erection.

However, to my surprise, just touching my penis lightly gave me some erection. It was not a full erection but it became bigger. And also to my surprise, it felt really good. I always masturbated using Porn, it was refreshing to know my penis actually responds to just the touch.

Below are my question(s).

Though it felt good and I started to have a slight erection, However, only with touching, it didn't become that big. I used some imagination, then it became much bigger. Still not full erection. Just bigger.(not big enough to have an intercourse)

Good news is, when I used imagination, porn images did not come to me at all. It was still "fantasy", but it was more like imagining my female friends, someone I know etc, and more realistic (e.g. she is touching my penis etc.).

Anyway, I think this is technically "M", and I'm not sure if I should keep doing it. Once I start it is difficult to stop, since it feels so good.:p

However,from dopamine's reward system point of view,I'm not sure if it is a good thing to do it. Should I stop it? Or is it rather a good thing because in a way I'm teaching my brain that it's OK to feel good just by touching or realistic imagination?

But could it become another form of addiction?
(I have no intention to have an orgasm.)


best way to know... what happens afterwards. Let me address that, and then I'll address testing.

I can't answer the question as I lack experience but I do know that if you feel very crappy, if cravings set in, then it's a bad idea.

So that's my litmus test, how do I feel afterwards, and not just a minute or an hour afterwards but in a few days?

It's simple that way. Be honest and check how you feel. If you keep a journal all the better. I keep a spreadsheet with moods and stuff on it and what I am doing and when and then I can look back and see cause and effect quite clearly.

BUT, in general, I do know this testing stuff is utter bullshit. I know you want to test your erections and know that things are okay, but it's awful. It is a way to feel really shitty about things and doesn't have any advantages.

It's awful because you are testing something that is not in context with the rest of life. Whether you do or don't get hard, who cares if it's not in a situation several months down the line after reboot with a girl you feel really strongly about? How can you test and duplicate that? You can't. So don't even try as it will just get you depressed.

The penis isn't an organ that sits by itself. It is part of you and your system consisting of those around you and the universe as a whole. Testing the penis as if it's just something that sits out there by itself is ludicrous, utterly ridiculous, and something you are doing because you are confused. So don't be confused anymore.

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment.
It is not really for testing. It's not been a long time since I did it but I don't really feel bad about it to be honest. I felt bad when I watched porn a couple of days ago (I have posted about this here as well) and that was for testing.
This time it is more like to give my penis the "feeling" of actual human touch. And I do feel good about it (and that's physically too)
So, my gut feeling tells me this is not really a bad thing. However what I feel and what really is bad are two different things...So I want to know if this is bad from addiction/rewarding system point of view. I can't really tell if I'm craving for doing it. But when I was doing it I didn't want to stop it.

It's different when you have

It's different when you have a female touch it than you touching it. Your training your brain to be familiar with only your touch rather than touch from a female. So you will then only develop an erection from your touch only. Just my analysis.

You shouldn't have to touch yourself for an erection. It should just come naturally. Be it touch from a partner or by visual stimuli.

I'm no expert but I would say

I'm no expert but I would say that MB in moderation at that time is not too bad...if you can keep it in moderation. Programming your reward to a partner would be better I think, if you have the option. Congrats on the progress. Awesome.

I think its just another form

I think its just another form of M, now that you're so far in the rebooting process, it only takes that slight touch to already feel that good. So instead of full M, you're just doing it a bit... and well i think that isn't the best way to reboot and get rid of ED or so.

If you have a chance, try yourself with a girl... thats the 'normal' way to do it, so thats what should be best to reboot to if you know what i mean.

Anyways i bet its nice for you to know that you don't need all that PMO etc to already feel very good :)

Thanks guys. I really

Thanks guys. I really appreciate your comments/ replies.
So far I haven't had any cravings for that. Still no libido either.
Yeah I understand the female touch is ideal. Unfortunately I don't have anyone now.
Another worry I have is, I don't have a full erection though it gets bigger. I'm not sure if I'm teaching my brain that half an erection is OK, if you know what I mean...

Just to clarify...

the self-touch isn't meant to be combined with sexual fantasy. Nor is it a "test," which puts performance pressure on you. It's just meant to be loving massage to help connect your penis to caring touch.

If you cut out the fantasy, and keep it gentle instead of trying to see how erect you can get, you won't tend to least in theory. Wink

Hi, Thanks for you reply!

Hi, Thanks for you reply!
Yes, I know this is not for testing nor for getting an erection.
(And I never tried to test by doing it to be clear)

I started it for the purpose of giving a caring touch.
The reason I used "fantasy" was because it felt really good with it (well, when it's bigger, it physically feels better as well). I was going to stop it right away if fantasy of porn (unrealistic, or extream/fetish fantasy) came to my mind. But like I wrote, it didn't come at all and it was more realistic imagination. That is in a way "healthy" M, that's why I wondered if it's OK since I have already past day 120. What do you think? Should I still abstain from it?

To describe how I felt, it was the sensation I got in my penis which made me feel good. It is completely different feeling I got when I masturbated to porn, that was more about image and fantasy which aroused me.

Thanks again for your help.

I wish I knew all the answers

But try sticking with the massage for a week or so before you add in masturbation. It's good to get some practice feeling sexy for a few minutes without going for the release. Builds up some steam. Edging to fantasy or porn, though, starts to become a drug trip if you go at it for too long. Then it doesn't seem to be helpful.

Thank you!

Thank you!
Yes I've decided not to do it with any fantasy. It is great to know that only the physical touch gives me some erection.I'll stick to massaging for a while. :)