"Sex-The Secret Gate to Eden"

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Ok , so I just came accross this blurry you tube film and wondered if it had ever been mentioned or discussed in this forum? It really spoke to me for the very reason of the difficulty I am continuing to have regulating my animal desires.

I have been an actively practicing Tibetan Buddhist for a few years now and even though in this film there is a real Bible based sway toward the whole Eden and "salvation for the few who are pure enough" .... the film ties together many religious concepts of the role of masculine and feminine energy reuniting without wasting energy for procreation. The video is just too profound not to mention here for all to contemplate and digest and perhaps even discuss how it makes one feel in the overall scheme of Karezza and Samsara :)

I honestly know very little of the Bible other than a few random passages I have read over the years . I am not a scholar well versed in any of the "great" religions or cultures that are mentioned in this film. But the way in which it is presented if it is taken as an honest well intended presentetatin designed to reduce the suffering of humanity I think it could really help give all of us yet another dimension to consider when practicing Karezza... or maybe even a few dimensions to consider :)

Great Video

A friend who practiced Karezza and was a student of Weor pointed me to this video several years ago. I found it fascinating and most worthwhile. I highly value historical context, such as provided in the video (and Marnia's chapter endings in CPA).

Weor's books, such as 'The Perfect Matrimony,' are excellent, too. I got confused by the Hebrew terms -- I have no familiarity with Hebrew or Kaballah -- but just powered through and found them most worthwhile.

Thanks for refreshing folks' minds about this video, Tortoise.

White Tantra

That film is wonderful. It changed everything for me and I've watched it a dozen times. Studied Woer extensively over the couple of years and also downloaded audio lectures on the gnosticteachings website.
It also turned me on to Anam Thubten's teachings - No Self No Problem
We should email each other. Not too many people interested in that perspective.