Sexual magnetism

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When does sexual magnetism usually start to appear? I feel that there were days where I could carry on great conversations and felt that girls were checking me out. After my wet dream however I went through a little withdrawal period and haven't felt that way. When I felt good I had confidence and felt like I can talk to anyone about anything and even though I didn't have a script written out, I wasn't nervous about communicating. Is that a glimpse of what is to come as long as I keep abstaining? Or was that faulty? Btw I am free of pmo caffeine and alcohol for 17 days. Thanks.

I'm at day 67 and am in the

I'm at day 67 and am in the same boat. I think things fluctuate a lot before getting better. I started young and feel I need more time so it does not mean that you won't be "cured " by 67. Also yea wetdreams sometimes make me feel like my pmo self too. Things get better soon tho.