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Sorry for all the confusion. We have a new web guy helping, which means he didn't know the site from the bottom up like our former helper. Moreover, the upgrade involved a double upgrade - from 5 to 6 and from 6 to 7. This has made the process more challenging than usual. On top of that, our host seems to be having unexpected problems that only affected Reuniting (due to the forum?), not YBOP. 

We have tried to import the avatars and it's not possibe without too much additional work. Please upload your avatar again. We have increased the size of the avatar that you can upload to 500x500px. These larger images will show up on your profile page and a smaller version will show up with your posts.  

The new private mail system adds a bunch of new features, but is not compatible with our old system. You can view your old messages by clicking on "Old Private Messages" in the Navigation block. They're harder to read, but at least they're there.   

New feature: You can bookmark any comment you like. Simply choose "Bookmark this Topic" under the forum topic that you wish to save. Everything you've bookmarked will then appear on "Your Saved Bookmarks," which you can find under your "My account" link. To delete bookmarks from the list, go to the comment itself and choose "Remove Bookmark."

We'll keep you updated on additional new features on the site as they become available.