Sleeping, but still no libido

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I posted a while back about waking up from un-restful sleep at 5 or 6am, an hour or two before my alarm would go off.

I'm 91 days in now and had a couple of 'slept till alarm' days in the 70's (days into the reboot) - and since day 84 I've been sleeping until the alarm. This was the day before the Spring time change so I don't think its just a change in the clock. Plus I feel a little different and I can remember some dreams - which hasn't happened in a long time. I think this means I'm getting deeper sleep.

This is great since it appears I'm starting to rebalance. However, I still have no libido - except when a 1st person fantasy pops in. Anyone have any data on the way these layers return? Is it the 1st person fantasy that I have to try to block?

I feel like I haven't slept for real in a year, so maybe now that I'm getting restful my body will rebuild.