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I don't know if this movie trailer has already been posted, but I wrote to Diana Richardson the other day and she wrote me a lovely note back and also mentioned she now has a movie about her method of lovemaking called "Slow Sex."

Here is the trailer:


It looks wonderful and I hope to order it soon~~

Thank you Rachel.

I looked at the trailer and I'm ready to order the DVD, but I couldn't figure out how to go about doing it. Is there a "shopping cart" link that I missed?
BTW, I really enjoy reading your posts.

Gary and I watched the DVD last night

It was excellent. The most powerful part for us was the couples describing their experiences with both conventional sex and the non-orgasm-focused approach. They were all so natural and genuine. It was clear their feelings for each other were warm, playful, sane and sustainable. It was also fun to hear them describing the same discoveries we have made over the years. We found ourselves smiling and nodding in agreement at many places.

The filmmaker did a good job of making the film beautiful and sensual without relying on erotic imagery.

There is no mention of tantra, and the film seems like it would be a good tool for introducing a partner to the concept.

The same DVD has both a German and an English version. I'm encouraging Diana to have the producer make the film available for viewing for a small fee via Amazon or some other service, as it is rather expensive to purchase outright.

If you see it, post your reviews below. I'll send them to Diana.

Watch trailer

Information on how to order