A small breakthrough

Submitted by Jake81 on
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I don't know if it's really small, but I felt a change today. I was listening to some music on you tube, and ran into this video of 3 girls dancing and got really turned on by that. I feel I am progressing because I was turned on by something not very sexual in nature and not related to my female domination fetish, and I didn't feel an urge to masturbate. I just enjoyed being horny throughout the video and even though one of my goals is to be turned on by girls that I see in my daily life, this is a sign to me that I am starting to find girls attractive in a natural way. This is day 22 of no PMO for me, and I'm really glad I didn't relapse 3 days ago when I had a wet dream. Because since the wet dream, I have been able to control fantasizing much better and any short fantasies are not related to videos of female domination that I used to watch. The neural pathways associated with my addiction are weakening, and I'm confident new ones are forming.

it's great progress

you might want to try to avoid those types of videos though. The less of that right now the better -- meaning two dimensional images of girls. You want three dimensional real girls. It's great to hear your success so far!