So happy I have discovered Karezza...

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hey friends! new to this forum, just a quick sharing about my story...

Backin 2009 i read the book "transcending male sexual energy" and i was inspired to conserve my sexual energy, i tried doing this for many years during sex, and my partners thought im absolutley crazy.

i have to say, without knowing what im doing, and making many mistakes (watching internet porn, without ejaculating) i felt such a intense amount of love for my parnter at the time, and i had some of the BEST sex iv ever had.

The sex changed from having to have an end to becoming a joyful experience from start to finish. any way I just discovered this forum and im so happy because I feel like i found a community who shares my values about not ejaculating and wasting life energy through sex which usuallyleaves me with a feeling of resentment towards my partner and cause eventual coolage effect.

Iv broken up with some amazing women beacuse of this coolage effect and if I only had enough wisdom and self control i woulda prob stayed with them


Thanks for sharing your story

If that's your cute face in that picture, please change your avatar. We've found that anonymity is both freeing...and safer.

What was your introduction to the whole idea?

Any lucky ladies on the horizon now? Wink

HI Marnia! that wasnt the

HI Marnia! that wasnt the real me,

The real me is infinit, boundless and imortal,

thats just a physical body and ego i'm flopping around for a few years :)

sorry didn't read the rules around pictures. its fixed now.

Actually no ladies yet but i feel she is going to be appearing in my reality very soon. my intention is to meet a women who shares my spiritual values and we can have a celibate relationship for the first 6-9 months, just to build a great foundation before we jump in to the fireworks, also practising Karezzaa would be amazing.

I just emailed my ex who i used to practice one way karezzaa with (me not cumming only she cumming) and told her , SEE i wasnt crazy this is real lol

You know this is a great

You know this is a great question.

Initially for about 3-6 months, She was really amazed and was loving the orgasims I was giving her.

but I noticed a change in the eagerness and her tiredness after O, partly is normal as the hypnosis wears of, but partly because "what goes up, must come down", me on the other hand was continuing to enjoy the experience, because each time having sex was a great test of self control and experiencing incredible feeling of sex without the unhappiness of losing my vitality and energy. :)

Thanks for the link, I will have to do alot of reading and learning.