Some benefits of going without orgasm!

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Hello all, this is my first post here, I've been lurking on this site for some time, but I just have to share the good things about not ejaculating!

First off, I made it to day 15 (yesterday) of abstaining from PMO, however, while edging, something unexpectedly stimulated me to orgasm (which wasn't satisfying to be honest), but now I'm back on the wagon! Anyway, what follows are the fruits of my sexual experiments!

Things I've noticed:

-Increased awareness of sexual energy. In the past when I masturbated, I would get this horny feeling, goading me on to keep on stroking and that would be it until I orgasmed.
When I finally caved in around day 12 and started edging, I could literally FEEL this inner heat permeate my entire body, so much so my palms started to perspire and all over I felt really warm, too warm in fact, like when someone leaves the heater on for too long.

-Increased penis sensitivity. My cock has always felt good, but the sensations I feel now completely blow the previous feelings out of the water. Indeed this abstinence to porn was born out of the fact that the last few women I've been with (in casual encounters), while very pretty, I still had great difficulty reaching orgasm, I found that while I could still get hard, my erection was very deadened to the touch of a vagina, which told me something was wrong.

-Muscles are sculpted easier. Some of my friends, who also don't orgasm, swear that they get buffer faster when they don't ejaculate for long periods of time. It takes less effort to put on muscle. But then again, all of us are around 20-23 years old, so muscle definition will come easily no matter what.
That being said, my core is more cut than ever. I figured this could be a male version of what some women report as growing larger/more nubile breasts due to karezza. Who knows?

-Voice deepens. A year ago I used to PMO a lot, and before this reboot thing I'm doing now, I used to PMO about 2-3 times per week. Anyway, back when I rubbed myself off like crazy, my voice was still resonant and not at all cartoonishly high, like Mickey Mouse, but when I skipped orgasming for two to three days, my voice significantly changed, it pitched really low and something felt off with my throat. The day after it just naturally re-calibrated, my throat felt normal, and my voice was overall deeper and more resonant than before, just not at the super deep level as it was in the preceding days.

-Skin and eyes look different. My skin looks more healthy, as if I've been using lots of lotions or something, but I haven't! As for my eyes, usually I wear glasses, so I don't notice them too often, but lately when I look in the mirror, my eyes just capture my attention in a new way. It's hard to describe, because it's not like they're brighter or a different color, it's like light is falling on them differently or something, I don't know, I could be imagining things.

-Women look different/Feel more social. I notice more women, before I could practically ignore them except for the ones I chose to pursue, now every woman just stands out, and it takes a lot of willpower not to talk to them, since I have lots of errands to run. Other times though, such as when I'm in an elevator, whether it's a man or woman, I just have to break the awkward silence because it's the perfect time to socialize! Before, while I always tried to schmooze with whoever was next to me, it was more of an effort, now it feels like a compulsion.

-Penis is thicker. I remember when I was 14/15, I was used to be so impressed with my erections, it felt like there was a katana in my pants, just crowbar iron hard and quite long. But then I started PMOing at 17 and then continued to do so off and on until now, at the age 21 and my erections weren't and still are not the same. I wondered why my erections seemed so average when they were so powerful before, something about dopamine no doubt. Anyway, while I haven't gotten back to the level of early teens erections, I have noticed more blood flow to my cock and I can get functionally hard faster.

Aaaand that's about it! I've noticed minor mood improvements, but since I've always been fairly happy and go lucky, even while PMOing regularly, it doesn't affect me that much.

i confirm I also have

i confirm I also have experienced the same benefits when I abstained from Ejaculation.

About the eyes, usually non-ejaculation will make my eyes GLOW with life energy. The eyes just give off a sign that you are filled with life energy. A sparkle.