As soon as I start feeling pleasure, I feel like ejaculating ?

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Background :

Have been trying Karezza for the past 2 weeks. My gf and I were going to break up but decided to see if karezza will help us out as a last resort. She was quite reluctant to it before , but given that our relationship was in peril - she wanted to try. She orgasmed on the first day by accident. I ejaculated by accident 2 days ago. I didn't feel as bad as it usually do which is good. Though the past 2 days , my gf was getting pretty upset at me on topics we've discussed and resolved before and it seemed uncalled for. ( not sure if this is related to her orgasm 2 weeks prior, I stayed pretty calm and didn't let myself get upset) . Besides that - those 2 weeks have gone by pretty good.

Issue :

I noticed 2 days ago that when I ejaculated is right when I started to feel pleasure from my penis. Probably wouldn't have been able to sense that without karezza. Sex to me hasn't been very pleasurable. I've tried a different condom, tried more lube, tried slowing down, speeding up. I just don't really get pleasure from it. But somehow if I get aggressive or go a bit fast or too sexual , I'll feel an overwhelming urge to ejaculate.If I start feeling anxious - I'll feel like ejaculating. I agreed to taking the condom off once ( she's on bc) and this gave me a bit of pleasure - but with that pleasure and anxiety (I was afraid of ejaculating and impregnating her - even though she's on bc - just don't want to take the risk) I got very close to ejaculating.

Thoughts ? Tips ? Advice ? THANKS !

This is not a linear process

Libido and self-control swing back and forth a bit as you heal.

You might find this post interesting: I quit porn and my orgasms have gotten really intense

The same thing can happen even without porn, just from taking a timeout from orgasm. Did I give you this TEDx talk? I think this man does a good job of explaining why: The pleasure trap: Douglas Lisle at TEDxFremont - YouTube

Regardless, you'd need more time before you can judge the results or expect anyone here to interpret them, especially with orgasms still in the mix. Smile

The TEDx talk was helpful.

The TEDx talk was helpful. Thanks !

We do need to dedicate more time. We've been able to have sex 1-2x a week for at least 20 minutes each time. This week is her time of the month so no sex.

We'll get back to it after that. It's difficult to not wonder how long this entire process will take though.