Soul to Sex (beautiful website/Facebook page)

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For you Karezzanauts, there is a beautiful website you might wish to visit:

There is a corresponding Facebook page~~it is called "Soul Sex"~~the (almost) daily quotes and photos are outstanding.

Today's quote was this (yes! yes!!):

"As I completely embrace the feminine within me, I surrender and receive the masculine in his entirety."

~ Sidonie Bouchet


Thank you so much for sharing. The images and quotes are stunning and express the karezza experience. You are such a blessing.


You're welcome, Jesse!

Two of my favorite quotes from the page:

"Not only is casual sex empty and pointless for many of us, but it complicates things by energetically entangling us with those we don’t wish to be seriously connected to. May we choose wisely those we share intimacy with."

"The yoni is a doorway to Source. Ensure that only those that are truly welcome enter."

Yes, indeed!


Yes, some nice images on the site and genuine sentiments, but what a load of b***cks! The article on the Transit of Venus (on June 6th 2012) is factually rubbish! Makes me upset, as an astronomer to see such ignorance of the beautiful natural world.