Supplementing with GABA

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When I really can't take things anymore I took 750 mg of GABA and it really seemed to help me. My counselor says its ok and is not harmful but I am weary of supplements. I take fish oils and multivitamin and a b complex but those have been around forever and I know they do no harm. But I don't want to feel like I'm relying on GABA.

It's tough to know what

It's tough to know what supplements actually help you without being really scientific about it. Basically, eliminate all supplements for 7-10 days, then add one back. Then take it away for the same amount of time and add another back ,etc. And that's assuming you keep other things- like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress- consistent. If you're worried about the GABA, cut it out.

Also, I would suggest Vit-D3 Wink