Tips to recover from hangover?

Submitted by rorr on
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Is there any tips to reduce hangover? does activities like hard gym workout or anything help to reduce it?also some special diet?

i had the same question

is waiting really all one can do to feel normal again after a relapse?

i went two weeks no PMO and ended up giving into a binge which lasted three days straight. prior to the binge i was feeling totally alive, full of energy, i could feel it rising up to my heart felt very clear-headed.

after the serious depression, apathy, lack of motivation. just wanna isolate myself from everything.

if anything can speed this up it'd be great. it's ridiculous how orgasm can have such a huge effect on my mood after i've been storing the energy for a while. the flattening effect is so much more noticeable, i feel so blah right now...