Too much oxytocin

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Is it possible to have too much oxytocin? Is there some system that prevents that? Would there be a downside to too much?

Yes there would

- as there would with any hormone. But I've never heard of such a thing happening woth oxytocin, as it does with some other hormones. The mechanisms for all hormones involves feed back systems.

I did some quick internet

I did some quick internet research on the medical use of Oxytocin as my midwife used a shot of it on me to stop me from hemorrhaging just after giving birth. As I recall, its pretty difficult to use the drug form of oxytocin for changing human behaviour.

Just looking now and seeing that wikipedia has a fairly good summary of oxytocin and some discussion of the usage.

It's addictive

I have no experience with synthetic oxytocin, but I do know that when I've been in a relationship and found my love pulling away from me emotionally or physically, I have had extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and remained out of sorts for months (or, uh, years).

And I sure could use a fix right about now.