Unable to post, or reply, with Chrome

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Hello, I wanted to let you know about a problemd I was experiencing. I use Google Chrome for my web brouser. Everything was fine until yesterday. Now, for some reason, I when I try to post or reply to anything, I am unable to do so in Chrome. I decided to try explorer today to see if that works, and it did. What happened in Chrome, was that I would type somehting up, and then when I hit the "submit", or "save" button, it woul open up a new tab in the Google search engine with "site:http://www.reuniting.info/" in the search box. Maybe I just have a bug on my computer but I thought I should bring it up in case anybody else is experiencing the same thing.

The trouble was

related to the update of the site. The Google search feature wasn't working, and in the process of noodling with that, other things misbehaved. I think our web guy is getting fed up.  *chuckle*