Update - No P Day 85/ No MO Day 8

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Wow it has been 30 days since my last update, doing good however I have slipped up with MO once every two weeks or so. I have almost forgot about P altogether there is really no attraction towards it anymore, I mean heck it’s been almost 3 months. Speaking of P I came across a xxx image accidentally and the feeling I felt was similar to that of when I was 14 and discovered P for the first time..I quickly got out and even that few seconds glance sparked my dopamine levels.

As I mentioned in my last post I was starting a new job and it has been really great, it’s keeping me busy and making this reboot a lot easier for me. A strange thing occurred about two weeks ago, I experienced a mild wet dream as I had not MO in about 2 weeks but that was normal however..The following day while in work I experienced a random semen discharge. I was not aroused, completely flaccid state while sitting down at my desk felt a strange sensation, didn’t notice it until I went to the bathroom. Quiet an embarrassing situation LOL has something like this happen to anyone else, is this normal? I’m interested to see if this will reoccur after about +2 weeks..Is this a sign that my body is trying to discharge the excess semen produced?

Im happy with my progression this far..it seems im moving in the right direction, only time will tell but it gets better guys, stick with it!


Don't know

about the discharge, although I have heard of such things when people use the toilet, but I'm glad to hear you're doing well.

Any cute goddesses around??

Come to think of it I did use

Come to think of it I did use the toilet a lot that morning,once I got back i felt i needed to go again but didn't and that happened!Who knows?Just hope it doesn't happen again..not in work anyway!
There is quiet a lot beautiful goddesses around..my confidence is still not 100% there but I have been on a date with a girl I met through a friend,planing a 2nd date this week :)