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I have noticed the most incredible thing lately. My urine stream is back where it was thirty years ago,(I am 57) I can pee out consistantly to five or more feet, and can get a squirt out to eight feet! I am amazed. I have also noticed the urge is much easier to control and getting up during the night only happens once now as compared to two or three time before Karezza. Have any of you other guys experienced this?


Yes, my lover will be 54 next month and he has experienced this as well (and he loves it). No more starting and stopping and a nice steady stream of urine (the things we talk about on here, ha!).

This is apparently a big deal to a man and I can understand why! It will come in handy next snowfall and we want to write something in the white stuff...


We have a couple snows per year down here, Darryl! (they don't stick around long, thankfully!).

I guess I was using the "royal we," but honestly, I have such penis envy that I bought one of these so that I can pee like a guy, lol (it's actually so I can pee out on the trail during a horseback ride and not get poison ivy on my butt, ha!):

Not yet

But what ive noticed since day one is how much i enjoy urinating now, With the wow of orgasm gone, its a new found pleasure.

I have never told you about my two secret daily orgasms?

When i first started rebooting, the first pee of the day, oooh so lovely, i couldnt help but let out an involuntary groan and sigh of contentedness.

My second daily orgasm was also in the morning, when standing at the patio door to watch the sun rise. While doing this id stretch as high as the ceiling, arching every muscle i can locate in my whole body, and let out this amazing involuntary series of groans, god it was good.

Each to their own i suppose:)


OK, you are putting one huge smile on my face right now. This is SOOO male!! Only a guy would calculate how far he can pee and be proud of it. Of course, I can COMPLETELY relate.

One middle aged man says to his middle aged male friend "by the way how far can you pee? Well let me tell you, I can pee a solid 8' and more if the wind is just right". Other man, shocked and a little deflated, asks "how do you do it". The first man leans close so no one else can hear and says one word "karezza". The other man looks puzzled and confused, then says "I have no idea what karezza is but sign me up cause I want to be able to pee like I was 20 again.

I think we have a whole new angle for promoting karezza to men!!

All kidding aside, I can completely relate to what you say. I am 57 as well and recently went to the urologist for a prostate exam. First thing I notice is all the sad deflated looking men in the wating room. I fill out the forms with questions like, how is the strength of your pee stream, hows your erection, how often do you have sex, and so on. Of course I'm circling the "10" in almost every question with a 1 - 10 range. When I come to the question of how often do you have sex and I say "every day", I think, there not going to even believe me. I decide to leave off, "sometimes twice a day". Anyway they give me a completely clean bill of heath on my prostate and as I practically skip out of the office I want to shout, "try karezza" to the other men slumped in their chairs.

You do realize you're making me want to go outside and see if I can do 8'6". The crowd goes wild as he takes the gold in the men's over 55 competition.


I am LOL here in front of my computer. This is so funny. But it is true. I wonder what is going on physically to make this happen? Is only us guys who notice this?