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I have tried tracking my mood in excel and on paper as well as the number of orgasims I have and the cause of these as well as karezza. I generally find I have much increased emotional stability if I can limit orgasims with my wife to once or twice a week.

Lately I am using the app 'my mood', only used it 2 days so far, so definitely early days. Any recommendations on mood tracking apps? What is your favourite?


I sometimes notice "fallout" for up to two weeks (off and on), so a tracking app wouldn't tell me all that much if I were still orgasming twice a week.

But it's very cool that you are getting useful feedback. It's fascinating to learn about the effects of sex on mood. Who would have thought??

Shorter cycle

My cycle seems even shorter then 2 weeks, after about 6 days I feel much more spiritual. Lately I have had great tiredness after morning orgasims, that last throughout the day. I have to drink plenty of coffee just to make it through.

If I make it past two to three weeks I feel like arcs of energy radiating that out. With such great feelings to experience it is strange that such a mild pressure can keep me so stuck.

Thanks for the great site.