Vancouver, BC

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Anyone on this site in Vancouver Canada?
Want to chat/meet? Female seeking male into Karezza

look forward to following you with this . . .

I just wonder if we need to feel attraction for the partner. Also, it seems karezza works best when you live with someone, so you can do daily maintenance.

And maybe you will clarify that you are "dating" and interviewing for a prospective partner whom you find attractive.

I, myself, gave up on ads, and am letting the stars align. I had a short vedic chart done a couple of years ago, which told me that Saturn was the best indicator, from the vedic charts, for when the timing would be best for someone to show up, and that would be fall of this year. Sure enough, online dating brought nothing of interest, and no one has shown up.

Since the arranged marriages in India were quite successful for a very long time, and those were charted always, I am looking to see what shows up once that alignment presents itself in my life.

At least it gave me relief from thinking I just needed to do more, be more, act more, etc. and could just relax into what some call Divine Timing. I think the stars are scientific, as Atlantis and Lemuria being advanced civilizations, used them.

Good luck!!