Very Happy with Yoga Chair/Sofa

Submitted by John G. on
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It is a knock-off of the Tantra Chair: $340 shipped vs. $1300 plus shipping for the original. The dimensions are similar, as is the shape, to the original. The cover material is comfortable and easy-to-maintain (smooth leather), and the piece is well built. (the site has informative films on how to use the chair, but if you are recovering from porn addiction, I caution you to stay away from the site)

Dimensions of knock-off: 70" x 29" x 15"
Dimensions of Tantra Chair: 74" x 29" x 17"

I was attracted to this because I wanted a comfortable way to explore alternate positions with my wife. It is great having my weight supported by my legs, instead of my arms, which is the case when we are in bed or any flat surface. In bed, my arms can get numb, as can my wife's legs. No doubt, it is easy to change position when in bed. But, with our weight now supported by a sofa that we can straddle, placing feet on the ground if we choose, there has been no numbness issue to-date whatsoever. And, with my feet on the ground, it is much easier to vary movement from slowly and lightly to fast and firm. With this chair, our pelvises can be cradled, and with my feet on the ground, it is comfortable to stay in the missionary position and variants of it for long periods of time.

The sofa is light (less than 40 lbs.), and will be easy to hide in the garage under a blanket when the kids return home for a visit.

I also considered the Liberator Esse and Esse Chaise. I bought this instead of them because it was less expensive and is narrower, making for easier straddling. The trade-off is that it is probably not as easy for my wife to rest her feet on.

I did not 'market' this to my wife as a sex chair/sofa; it would have gone down in flames if I had. I used it as a meditation chair by myself for two weeks before inviting her 'to have a seat' (wink). I still use it as a meditation chair, and find it wonderfully comfortable to recline on.

Highly recommended for Karezza!

Marnia, my wife seems to be

Marnia, my wife seems to be of the culture -- or family upbringing -- where sex is to be furtive and not enjoyed. As I said before, nurturing myself at her breasts is verboten; so is her holding my member to comfort me. So, along those lines, there are no words from her that things are fine or that she is enjoying herself. I have to rely upon me recognizing physiologic signs, which I watch closely. She does appear to be enjoying herself, based on physiologic signs.

She cooperates, and we have warm, comforting, enjoyable (for me, at least) intercourse daily. And, she allows us to proceed for longer periods of time, now. Her requests for climax are less frequent (and I did offer her the three weeks-with-orgasm experiment, which she declined).

Our marriage is as good as it has ever been; no, it is better than it has ever been. I am more giving and she is less critical. Life is good for us.

I presume that at some point in time, she will open up verbally and emotionally with regard to sex. I sure would enjoy that.

Until then, I am thankful that she is cooperative. My gut sense is that Karezza is growing on her.

That's a good report

Yes, karezza is often like watching paint dry...because it all feels so comfy and drama-free (for themost part), and yet when you look back it can be amazing how far you've progressed compared with the past.

I'm happy for you, and yes, things will continue to change.