want a female courtly Companion

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Hey guys & girls,

I am a 22 yrs old guy from India and want a female courtly companion.
If anyone pm me.

Not sure you'll get a response

but I'm working on finding more women who will fill this role. Most women want to pretend like porn is just a small problem and want nothing to do with guys suffering from addiction.

My thought is that this problem is so huge that women need to learn how to support guys who want to recover.

I'm thinking that the women whose relationships have been destroyed by porn might be willing to fill this role. It's very healing for them to talk with guys who are genuinely trying to recover.

I'm working on that

A woman with a website for women who are struggling with porn-broken relationships is going to blog about it and see if she can scare up some compassionate women for the job. Believe it or not, talking to men who are trying to recover and can tell them how hard it is...is very healing for the women. They start to understand why their partners couldn't "just say no" with ease.

Yeah female masturbators are

Yeah female masturbators are very less, most of the girls find a boyfriend easily, but we guys have to do real hardwork to get a girl, I don't know about western culture, but here in India, its not easy to get a gf.

Also its very difficult to give up something you have been doing for years.

Lets hope some women may fill up the empty roles in our forum.

Yes, let's hope

some are willing. But we won't know for a while.

I just want to remind you that you already "got a girlfriend" once. You can do it again. It may even make letting go of the addiction easier.

Can you ask friends of your family to "matchmake" for you? Arranged marriages are often happier than the other kind.

Yeah I had gf once, but now

Yeah I had gf once, but now it's impossible to find her, even if I found her she may be committed by now, I don't know what to do, I am simply trying to forget her,

And arranged marriages are common here, but I don't want to marry too early, I want to be a successful person first.

The point I'm trying to make is that,

although you are very nobly trying to sort yourself out before entering a relationship, you might actually be going about things backwards...or at least deferring time with the opposite sex for too long.

Try attending an event that involves women. Or practice making more eye contact and smiling at them. See what you notice. Humans thrive on "bonding behaviors" even when sex isn't an option. Read this, so you know what I'm blabbering on about: The Lazy Way to Stay in Love Smile

Hehe :D

Hehe :D
This is my weakness, I find it difficult to make direct eye contact with females, looking and smiling is very difficult for me. During high school days I had a lots of female friends, but as I entered college I rarely talked to girls, that too only when girls approached me for a talk. Now it's four years, Although I'm shy by nature but I have a lots of male friends, I can make male friends easily but when it comes to females... :D

I don't know how to initiate a talk with them, and how talk to them :D

But I will try your suggestion of looking in their eyes first... If any success I will smile too :D

BTW nice article...
I saw your video on this too

Great explanation.

Well, since I saw you too

I can say that you're cute! So get out there and practice smiling eye contact with women. Don't worry about talking with them for now. That will come naturally with time (and careful management of your ojas. Wink