We slowed it right down my H isn't sure if he ejaculated?

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Ok so we decided to really truly relax and not go anywhere near brink. It was really relaxing kind of like our bits were slow kissing. We could feel him probing and the occasional judder. Then out of nowhere we felt his Penis start pulsating he quickly pressed his perineum to halt anything. He said he's not sure if he ejaculated or not. I was very wet and so I wasn't sure either.
He said there was absolutely no warning feelings like there normally would be. It didn't feel like an o but he's not sure if that's because the pulsating panicked him so took him out of the moment?
Any thoughts by any well seasoned karezza people?
He needed a wee straight after. He's needed lots of wees since starting this we're not sure why.
We connected again not long after.

Who knows?

But are you using birth control???

I know from self-reports on the porn recovery forums that urination frequency can bounce around for a bit when you first make a change of this kind.

The real issue isn't ejaculation but rather whether you notice and change in your perception of each other over the next week or two. If not, don't sweat it. If so, learn.

Ok thanks Marina, it's

Ok thanks Marina, it's difficult because we are both still in trauma from his PA. We are both starting separate counselling soon. There are days where there is a lot of hurt/upset/discussion about his PA. This obviously affects both our moods. We've both definitely felt disconnected despite trying the last couple of days we aren't sure if it's the PA trauma or possibly ejaculation induced or bit of both.

We connected again last night after massage. It wasn't as slow but neither of us released anything. He was close a couple of times but we paused till it passed. We feel sad to to be feeling the amazing love connection we were last week and we want to feel it again and stay that way.

I know you have two books on karezza. Which one do you think would be most beneficial to us?

I'm reading an excellent book

I'm reading an excellent book now by Diana & Micheal Richardson called Tantric Sex for Men. My partner and I are both reading it together a chapter at a time. Also Marnia's book, Cupid's Poison arrow is excellent too. Best wishes for a complete healing! Smile

I've experienced that when in

I've experienced that when in a more relaxed state. I still can't say for sure that there was no ejaculation, but it didn't seem an orgasm. He'll probably experience it again so perhaps you'll figure it out at some point.