week 4, day 7

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The meeting at the bar with friends yesterday was really nice... there were like 12 of us (I didn't know a couple of them, friends of friends). I have been to the bar before, but on a weekday. It was very packed and they were playing excellent music, though a bit too loud sometimes. It was such a relief to go out without any pressure to meet or charm girls. At one point I mentioned to F that one of the new girls in our group was fine, and he almost slapped me, and told me maybe I should start watching porn again, because it seemed that I was horny enough to fuck a cow (I think that is an Italian expression):-) I have a closer look at her after that, and he was right on the money, she has crooked nose and teeth that were serious candidate for "the book of british smiles" (http://quinn-lam-45.blogspot.com/2011/10/simpsons-henrietta-and-hippo.html). We were laughing about it the whole evening.

There was also a Turkish girl S, that I had a couple of dates with last year. Actually, I had a funny? story with her. I met her during my first week in Stockholm, at a birthday party of a common friend. We talked and texted for a couple of months (she was on a long holiday in Thailand and Turky) and when she got back, we met quickly one day for tea after work. She is quite funny and bubbly, and even though she is not a classic beauty, I was very attracted to her. Then one day I invited her for a dinner at my place and she said OK and I was kinda direct with her telling her stuff like "I might take advantage of her if she comes"...and she was flirting back equally, writing me stuff like "Can I bring some desert? Or am I the desert?"...so I was like 110% sure we were gonna hook up. Anyways, we had a really nice dinner ( I tried to cook some simple Ethiopian dishes), and later on we were on my sofa sipping on some spanish desert wine. A greek song was playing and she told me that she really likes the song and she actually knows some traditional Greek dance and she showed me. After a while, the music turned to salsa and we started dancing slowly, and some songs later, I kissed her, first on the cheeks and when I tried to kiss her on the lips, she resisted and said "No..." I just thought she was playing a bit, and I tried again during the second song and she said "No" again. Ok, Ethiopian girl in Turkish disguise, I said to myself, and stopped trying that. We had some nice talk and about an hour later she said she has to leave now. I thanked her for a wonderful time and told her, while tracing my fingers over her lips, "but you left me to wonder how good it will be to kiss you" and she said something like "no need to wonder, I can tell you, it would have been amazing". At that moment, I just pinned her into my door and started making out with her. Maybe she kissed back for a couple of seconds and then really started resisting and pushing me, moving her face side to side so that I can't kiss her properly. It was very confusing. Then she said something like "you know, if it was a real swedish girl, she would sue you for attempted rape for this" that made me freeze and I stopped. I let her go immediately, and didn't contact her for several months, because her actions really pissed me off.

Around November, I met her at a farewell party of a common friend. Strange as it was, I didn't feel anything weird when I saw her and we chatted as if nothing happened. Afterwards I wrote her in Facebook saying that just because we had some misunderstanding, it doesn't mean that we can't see each other anymore. She said sure and we met with a couple of friends a week or so before xmas for dinner.

Yesterday was the first time I met her this year. This time, we were flirting a lot, and at one point we were just the two of us while the others have taken a seat at the other end of the bar and I felt a bit wit weird that we are in such a situation again. so I suggested we go and join them. Anyways, after what happened between us, I don't want to have anything to do with her, but still I enjoy her company a lot. Ahhhhh...as if I lack confusion in my life!

I spent around 3 hours at the bar. My plan to go dancing didn't work out, as it was super cold (-18C) and no one was interested to go to a club and risk waiting in line. I came home around 1:30, and spent some 30 minutes following online athletics live feed (it was an indoor track meeting in Boston and some famous Ethiopian runners were in it). The two Ethiopian girls won their respective events, and I slept like a baby:-)

woke up first around 8:30, but it was not enough, so I cancelled the gym class that I have booked for 10:30, and went back to sleep again, while listening to some Eckhart Tolle audio book. Ah, and I was so horny the whole morning! (I must say it was a bit weird to start listening to Tolle with a boner) .At some point, maybe figuring out I was not gonna give it any attention, it melted away. Don't worry bro, it is for your own good, we are gonna get back together soon, with a greater bonding than ever before!:-)

12:30 I left for a lunch party at an Italian friend's place. I took some wine and also bought typical swedish winter pastry called Semla. L is an awesome guy, he is always inviting people to eat at his place, and cooks amazing dishes with his gf C. C is quite chubby, limps when she walks, she talks funny, but she is so loving and adorable! The lunch was fantastic, they had lots of finger food, nice wine and a main dish which was a porridge made from maze flour mixed with delicious pork sauce. At some point I was a bit uncomfortable because there were 11 of us, 5 couples and I was the only single person.

My first salsa lesson of the year was starting at 15:30, so I left L's place around 14:45, and made it just in time before the class started. I had a lot of fun at the class. It was pretty easy one (it was level 2, and the teacher was revising level 1 steps). Not so many attractive girls in the class, but honorable mention to one woman in her mid forties who was in amazing shape. Half way through the class, an adorable asian girl joined the class. Quite tall for an asian, almost as tall as me with the heels she was wearing, super slim but still curvy enough body....yummmy . She was not a good dancer, though.

Went home for a break after the class, and spent about an hour with my Rosetta stone working on my swedish. Then went to the language exchange meeting downtown, and today there were two or three nice girls. One was actually a perfect 10! Later on I found out she was mexican (we chatted like for a minute while waiting in line for the toilet, she was a bit cold to talk to). Another one was a dutch girl, not pretty at all, but very sexy. Full lips, painted dark red, breasts screaming to be touched, and she had put her name tag on top of them, as if it was a rectangular nipple. I just can't help staring at her, we were just catching each other's eyes and smiling a lot, even though she was sitting in a far away table. We took the metro together after the class, with another french girl. And when I asked why she came to Sweden, she said it was because of her Swedish bf. Ahhhhhhhh... with the french girl we actually took the same metro line and we leave in the same area (same metro stop), and she also dropped the bf word at one point. I was mentioning that it was nice that her jacket matches her shoes, and she was saying yeah, I like this jacket, even though my bf doesn't...something like that... How I hate bfs today!:-)

back home I talked with my sis who lives in the US. She was a bit down about something, so I tried a bit to calm her down. She is a bit emotional, but a wonderful person, she is just a bit disappointed on ending up being a housewife as she was very ambitious when she was younger. Have to think of a way of helping her get back some zest in her life.

Ah, 11:40 already, time to sleep, the body pump class starts at 6:30!:-)



the overreactive woman had a scary event in the past. I can't imagine why else she would react that way. Why not ask her about it sometime?