week 5, day 1

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Ah, woke up very early again, around 4:30, and didn't manage to fall back asleep. anyways, I went to the gym for the 6:30 body pump class.

Had a meeting around lunch time, so didn't manage to get my secret lunch time nap. But I did it between 14:15 to 15:15 and I recovered a bit. I really like the fact that I can take a nap almost anytime of the day, but the past few weeks, specially on mondays, the sleeping problem keeps happening.

Anyways, after work I went to see one apartment for sale, didn't like it. Then with F and the lebanese girl we went to visit our colleague and her three month old baby. Oh my God, how adorable he was! Laughing a lot and talking the baby talk, I just could tear myself away from him. She is a lovely girl, served us some dinner and we had a nice talk for a couple of hours. We left when the baby got hungry and it was time for him to be fed. It has been a long time since I have seen such a lovely baby. I wish I will have my own soon. Ah, and the Lebanese girl, is kinda strange. She is opening up a bit to me and F, compared to last year, but still she seems to be too secretive. When I asked her if she has already bought her own apartment in Stockholm, she replied something like "I live in a private apartment with someone". Later on, instead of going to the metro with us, she said "Someone is coming to pick me up"... maybe 'Someone' is a Lebanese name?:-). she speaks perfect English, so it can't be a language issue.. and she left with him/her (it was too dark to see who was in the car). it looked like an expensive car. Maybe she has a sugar daddy!:-)

At home, watched the latest episode of californication. (warning: spoilers) there was a scene that involved a tranny and I felt a bit weirded out. I think there was a slight stirring of emotions and temptation while watching that scene and the reference to it, but it died away quickly. Also, i wasted about 15 minutes watching some funny sites (through reedit) and a couple of times I came across posts flagged NSFW (usually posts that have nudity are tagged like that), but I restrained from clicking on them...It felt really good to be able to say NO when some soft porn was begging to be seen Smile

It is only 10:25 but I feel super tired. Tomorrow I have a big meeting, it is the kickoff for the new project that I am gonna be the team leader. I have almost no idea about the topic and I have to read some documents really fast early morning to catch up (meeting is at 11).

Good night!