Went and got a massage with a happy ending

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Told her that I didn't want a hanfjob as that would be like masturbating. She gave me a blowjpb with a cond on and my penis was probably at 70 to 85 percent. No thoughts of feet or anything and I ended up cumming. I hope this doesn't slow down the reboot too much but I can say that progress has been made. Oh and right when I got naked I had a full hard on. When I thought about my hard on is when I went limp.

Haha definitely

Even though I'm not fully healed this test showed me that progress has been made. I'm a lot less worried about the fetish and my brain rewired to real life oral sex and touch. One thing I noticed was that when the girl stroked her fingers down my body parts I was aroused without any/ minimal fantasy. Yes I know I will be getting a chaser. Exercise meditation and eating healthy should help me get over the next two weeks.

Wow the chaser is pretty strong

It's not a chaser to watch porn but i had the urge to masturbate to fantasies of bdsm and fetish thoughts. It was really bad because my penis got very aroused when having those thoughts. I used the red x method like five times to get rid of it. I feel like crying every time those fantasies come up because I hate them! Oh well so I guess that I have made progress but going and seeing that escort also had some negatives as well. Now it's time to drink a lot of water, eat healthy, and do a lot of cardio type exercise.


"Chasers" are not you. They have to do with a neurochemical low that your brain latches onto and tries to "fix" with something that gives it a jolt of dopamine.

So stay detached and just shrug off the nonsense.