What is this forum’s thoughts of Vitex agnus castus for single men?

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The use of natural anaphrodisiacs have been occasionally mentioned throughout these forums, but usually in regard to men who watch pornography too much. I don’t have that issue, but I am a single man and I have heard the herb vitex agnus castus has been traditionally used to reduce sexual desire.

I’ve already tried all the breathing exercises, meditation, yoga positions mentioned on this forum which suppose to lower sexual desire, but none of them work.

Not sure about that herb (a

Not sure about that herb (a quick search on reddit suggests its a placebo, doesn't work, or should be avoided...female users have some issues with it too), but is the point to lower desire or just to raise awareness? 

Yes, I just temporarily want

Yes, I just temporarily want a reduced desire to look for a girlfriend because I want to focus all my energy on making money, so in the future it will be easier to find a girlfriend when I have a stable income and career.

Perhaps your answer is in

Perhaps your answer is in there. Delayed gratification can be a direction of its own. Reducing desire might harm your long-term goal, make you numb, etc. You want to transmute, not eliminate. 

It's probably different for

It's probably different for everyone. You have a goal so the energy can flow somewhere for now. It's worse, I think, when it has no clear path.

Stay open as you might meet someone along the journey of delay and it might be good to interact on some level along that journey.

Solo Karezza

Find your inner lover. I cannot yet find her as female. For now my karezza is gay. He is beautiful and he loves me unconditionally. I see him in my hands, legs and arms. Sometimes I see him in the mirror. We are always glad to see each other. We always connect thru our hearts. I lay with him and we caress and kiss. We stop when things start to get hot and focus on our love and calm ourselves with our breath. All of Marnia's promises about the blessings of karezza come to us. I have no interest in porn, masturbation, or fantasies about sex with anyone else. This practice has helped me to be more open to my Isadora and has reduced my need to have her approval or orgasmic sex with her. I am in love with my self and having a great time. My world is golden.