What happens after edging?

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Im on 27 days no PMO and 13 days no fap. I just felt like looking at some women so I went online and saw some lingerie and then some vanilla porn. I watched for a bit and was aroused but I decided to stop watching.

What does this mean? Is it a relapse or does this mean I dont think I need porn any more?

It means...

you're playing with fire. Wink

Edging raises dopamine, so it feels good. Trouble is, it can create lingering cravings, which urge you to "test again" the next day and the next...until you relapse, at which point you could well find you need harder porn again...and you're right back in the cycle.

This FAQ might help:

What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm?

and this one:

What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?


Alright, but what if I dont feel like watching porn? I had no inclination today. Nor did I break my streak of no fap.