what if a couple wanted to try for a baby?

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I'm just curious as I haven't seen anything about that on this site. Sometimes it takes couples several months or even years to get pregnant, how would they go about combining that with Karezza?

Set the intention

If you want to conceive then I would suggest the following:

Both you and your partner should set the intention to conceive a healthy and beautiful baby together. You should repeat this intention often. It may seem obvious, but it is good to actually say it to yourselves anyway. Then ask your bodies to do whatever they have to do in order to make that happen. Then give it over to the bodies and stop worrying about it. It is no longer the concern of the mind. It is now the concern of the body.

When you are practicing karezza do not worry about conception. Just do your practice. It may be that nothing will happen for a while. You will do your karezza with no ejaculation as usual. Then one day, without warning, and without your conscious participation, the two bodies will decide that the time is right and your partner will ejaculate. The bodies will choose the right time when you are at optimal fertility to do this.

If it does not work, for whatever reason, then just trust that something was not quite right this time and go back to your practice. Eventually it will work.

The less you worry about it, the easier it will all be. Just trust the bodies to do the right thing.

i seem to remember

not sure if it's valid or not, but I think Barry Long said if you want to conceive it's best to have a quick ejaculation. For some reason it increases likelihood of getting pregnant.

Doesn't mean you can't do Karezza other times of course.

I think "mix 'n' match Karezza" is tough though.

If it were me~~

I'm 52 and never had a baby, but if I could go back in time and do it, knowing what I know now, this is how I would do it.

I would get a basal thermometer and track my times of ovulation so I would know when the right time is for conceiving (now they have these fancy computer thermometers that give you all sorts of information). (all other days I would practice karezza normally with no ejaculation)

On those days when it's "the day" (or days) I would make the room beautiful and loving and inviting and my partner and I would say a prayer of intention for the baby we are wanting to make. Then he would enter me and ejaculate quickly, both of us keeping the intention of wanting a baby in our minds. Possibly do that for a day or two to be sure.

Then go back to karezza.

So many babies are conceived as an accident or by happenstance and to conceive one with full, loving intention would most certainly have an effect on the personality of that child, I believe. To be wanted from the very first moment of conception (I think) would be a wonderful thing for a child.

Good luck to you!

And I wonder

And I wonder about the motility(and number) of the sperm in a man that practices karezza~~since I'm almost positive there has never been a study done, lol. Maybe all that "flowing" makes the little guys even stronger once a man *does* ejaculate conventionally.

Sperm Update from My Cousin the Pre-Med Major

My girlfriend and cousin have been best friends since they started high school. Even though they attend universities on opposite sides of the country they still communicate all the time—usually to my detriment. After my leakage of what were apparently some prostatic fluids while straining in the bathroom my girlfriend read me some information that my cousin, a pre-med major, sent her regarding production of semen and sperm.

This is a condensed version of that information. Sperm is of course produced in the testicles; the tubes within the testicles produce the sperm on a “on call” basis. Unlike women’s eggs that exist from birth the sperm are not made until needed. As the sperm are ejaculated new sperm are produced and sent to the prostate for the next ejaculation. The problem, or benefit depending upon your outlook, is that the sperm become less viable as length of time between ejaculations becomes longer and the sperm gets older. This is probably one of the reasons Karezza worked as birth control. Think of it like getting a hamburger at McDonalds. They precook the hamburgers and set them under a heat lamp. If you order a Big Mac after they just finished cooking the burgers great you get a nice fresh one, if you order just before the next batch comes out you get a nasty old one.

Now the rub is that there is really an intermediary step between your testicles and your prostate; there is always a “load in waiting” which is getting older. Sperm become less viable every day but as I remember after less than a week they are pretty much goners. Therefore while there is no long term deterioration of the sperm production, for optimal fertilization you need to dump out the old stuff. Dumping the old stuff can of course be fun. Several ejaculations over a few days will bring the freshest and most viable sperm into the system. Also deteriorated sperm have a higher incidence of birth anomalies if fertilization does occur.

My girlfriend felt a little better knowing that there should be no long term fertility issues from restricting ejaculations; she wants to be a mom someday and it looks like she has decided to keep me around for stud services if nothing else.

This is

really good to know, because hopefully I will have kids too and it's nice to know how I will go about doing it, if me and my mare are still practicing karezza.