what is a reverse kegel?

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Is this just the donwward movement? or what is it?

Well, you know how with a

Well, you know how with a regular kegel you are supposed to use the muscles that help you to stop urinating mid stream? With reverse kegels it is kind of like using the muscles to squeeze out a bowel movement. Whether kegels or rev kegels actually do anything, I don't know. I've read about people who swear by them and others who think it's just a waste of time.

I agree, when I was obsessed

I agree, when I was obsessed with this reboot I did kegels, reverse kegels, deer exercise, meditation etc etc etc...the only thing that really matters is NO MORE PORN! Let your brain recover and get back to being normal again

I don't know if reverse

I don't know if reverse kegels are a good idea. The fact that you're trying to create a sensation of exerting pressure as if you were having a bowel movement concerns me because you shouldn't even have to do that when you ARE having a bowel movement. That kind of extra pressure when it isn't necessary or even normal to begin with gives me concern for things like hernia, or causing internal bleeding or strain. I would just stay away from reverse kegels.

You don't have to do "strong"

You don't have to do "strong" reverse kegels.

The whole point is to get more awareness over your muscles so that when you're having sex you can consciously keep them relaxed and therefore be able to last longer.

Normal kegels = Stronger erections, stronger ejaculations, stronger orgasms.

Reverse kegels = Help prevent or diminish involuntary contractions during sex, allow you to have more control and keep the muscles relaxed so you can last longer.

thanks Marnia and Underdog

thanks Marnia and Underdog

well yeah since I'm not getting my practice as much anymore, I better do something else in the meantime :).

How often do you guys practice this? Is 2-3 a week enough? Perhaps it's best to start with two times.



I know this is a bit old, but it's a topic that interests me so thought I would revive the thread to give some good information.

I was researching this recently after realizing that doing normal kegels wasn't helping me much. Apparently this happens to a lot of guys - they get all excited by the concept, then one of two things goes wrong:

1. They do too many and develop tension in the pelvic floor, which makes matters worse.

2. They try to hold a kegel as much as possible during sex. This also makes matters worse.

The idea of a reverse kegel is twofold. Firstly to help keep a balanced pelvic floor. Secondly to give you a way of relaxing that area during sex. Which is the key to lasting longer.

A normal kegel is only meant for the last second if all else fails. Reverse kegels can be done to help you relax if you feel too much tension.

If anyone is interested, there is only one really extensive article I've seen which explains how to do reverse kegels. There are plenty more short articles with the same old 'pretend you're on the toilet' advice which doesn't make much sense. These guys actually bother to explain it in a bit more detail.

Sorry for dragging up the past, so to speak, but thought someone might find it helpful;