What's your take on masturbation and edging ?

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Whenever i masturbate and ejaculate, i feel sap. I feel i lost quite amount of energy. I feel slow, no drive, no passion. Then, the next day, i feel lethargy. I don't have any drive, or even willingness to do anything that needs to be done. Let alone the feeling to accomplish something. You know, all the things you want to do or achieve in live.
The feel of remorse after doing that. Added by the feeling of uselessness because i don't have any drive to better my life or myself as an individual.
Now, i quite feel the similar fashion whenever i am edging. Although not quite as heavy as masturbation. So edging kinda feel like a lite version of masturbation.

My plan is quit doing it step-by-step.
Like once a week, then once per-2 week, then once a month. Without porn of course.

Although i havent done edging

Although i havent done edging during these 11 days ,i feel that it drains you lot less than ejacuating. Personally i think that after a while your are fine again. Also draining may come from looking porn and fetish stuff etc..

Confirmed !

I confirmed it.
Edging is Worst than masturbating. It's like an unfinished business.
So i was edging today. Before, i feel calm.
After about an hour edging, i feel a turmoil inside me. I feel the energy inside my body goes nowhere randomly. Like, there's a storm inside my body. Compare to cool calm ocean feeling i had before edging, it's damn worst.

Took me about a couple of hours to feel relatively calm again.

Learned my lesson. :(