While Rebooting, can I engage in Fetish behaviors with my wife?

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It's been 36 days since PMO. During this time, I've had intercourse with my wife several times, and it's been great. I have always had a foot fetish, and I'm wondering if it counts as "artificial" if I engage in foot fetish behaviors with my wife (licking, etc)?

I keep reading about how if it's "real" then it's okay, well isn't my wife "real" - so even if I did something that was foot-fetish related, as long as it is with her, then shouldn't it be okay?

well why not?

the reason not to would be what? That it would set you back in your no-PMO efforts?

I would say, if you've had ED or any kind of sexual issues, probably not a good idea. It might set you back. The reason is that to be PMO free you are rebuilding the sensitivity of the brain's pleasure centers for "real" sex. And extreme dopamine-seeking behavior sexually produces a lot of dopamine.

Nothing wrong with that ordinarily but IF you have experienced ED or PE, you may find recovery faster and easier with less exciting sexual behaviors. Or then again, maybe it won't make a difference. Fun to experiment and find out.

Kinda depends on where you want to end up

If you want conventional sex to be the "hottest thing in your sex life," then don't wire your kicks to something else. If you both think footwork is a fine thing to emphasize, then keep it in the repertoire. Brains are plastic.

And emerson is probably right that if you had ED issues, you want to be more careful for now about seeking dopamine sexual highs from activities that don't require erections.