Why exactly does touch between female and male differ than between individuals of the same gender?

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I feel this is relevant to karezza as that is what karezza is all about, right? Touching and intimacy.

I have always wondered, why is it that when my hand brushes against the hand of a beautiful woman, I feel like a pleasurable electric tingle in my body, especially up my back? When I hug the woman I like, I can feel pleasurable tingles all over me, that sometimes lasts almost a minute.

This never happens when I touch another man.

Popular science may say that it is just dopamine. The excitement and anticipation causing it. But sometimes it is just plain accidental and sometimes I didn’t even see the woman (like when her hand brushed my hand as she walked beside me), until later. Perhaps there is some sort of electrical attraction between a man and woman that science hasn’t yet studied, and can explain why karezza apparently has some sort of way of soothing the nerves (which house the electrical charge inside the body), just like how some apes apparently have non-orgasmic sex to relieve neurological stress, as opposed to just sudden bursts of dopamine which would have the opposite effect upon the nerves.