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Hello everyone!

I want to officially announce the release of a new forum for overcoming pornography addiction and porn induced ED.

I asked Gary and Marnia if they were ok with the idea. They encouraged me to do it because both YBOP and Reuniting are growing very fast and it's already becoming too much for them.

You can access the forum at:

Hopefully it will eventually become the official forum of YBOP.

It is completely new, so please be patient. I need your help to start adding content, little by little.

The main difference to this forum is the Journal Section. That is BY FAR the most important section.

Every member is encouraged to start his/her own journal, which they will use to post all their updates about their progress.

So if you want to introduce yourself, please do so by creating a journal.

Again, this is the address:

Like I said before, please be patient because the forum is brand new.

Everyone is invited and welcome!


All the best with your

new effort. It's just in time! We'll be traveling for the first three weeks of March, so our presence will be scarce here. It's great to know that you guys have another place to get support.

Is there any particular

Is there any particular difference between the journal on the forum and the blog section here? It would be best of course if both serve a different purpose, so each forum has its own place and neither is redundant with respect to the other.

Could it be that reuniting

Could it be that reuniting has grown a lot in a very short time? It seems that so many posts keep popping up.

I'm not sure whether I'm going to sign up at the other website. Sorry, maybe later or so, but I don't really see the purpose. Isn't it just moving the problem to another place?

Perhaps you need some moderators Marnia?

Or maybe add a journal

Or maybe add a journal feature if there is demand? Splintering may not be the answer.

Although some women might be scared off by the porn talk, others are brought here by that and still others benefit from bringing PMO use into their consciousness in a more compassionate way.

I'm not sure I understand the motivation for the new site.

The purpose of the new forum

The new forum was actually made for those that don't know of THIS one.

There are thousands of men that visit YBOP and Reddit and many other sites, and they don't know of

Eventually YBOP will become immensely popular and we can't send all the people over here to this forum. I think it would explode and would be too much for Gary and Marnia.

It's definitely

getting to be too much for us. Part of our job is to write about your plight where we an effort to educate caregivers. The forum is cutting into that effort.

Moderators would help, but maybe it's time to pass the baton...or start to. We could still answer questions over there. This site's purpose is actually relationships and understanding the neurochemistry of sex. The two issues overlap, of course, and everyone's welcome to hang here, too.

But you guys have so much to offer to those are recovering. They really want to hear from you, not me. And in my effort to read your every post, I tend to butt in a bit too much. wink

Anyway, not sure what to do here. It seems premature to put a Main Menu link to the new forum on YBOP until there's some traffic going there...but we could try it and see. Or may some of you could post both places for a bit.

In any case, we're going to be out of town for the first 3 weeks of March, so things will definitely be shifting.


You guys deserve a vacation!

Have a nice 3 weeks away. I hope you can get some rest.

About the new forum...I think it may be too early to put up a link to it just yet. Hopefully, will fill out first with contributors from here, then it will become more of a community that new rebooters/nofaps will be eager to join and add to.

Thanks for all the time and energy you have poured into YBOP and It is changing lives.

Where will you be putting your Nobel prize? I hear they look nice on the mantle.

BTW, I just signed up at and had to giggle when I read "newbie" next to your name, Marnia.

I just signed up!

Nice work, Underdog! I think it will be an important new place for rebooters to gather and I know it will soon become an huge resource for those new to the topic and unaware of the reuniting board.

I'm looking forward to watching the site as it grows.

sounds very reasonable..

sounds very reasonable.. Maybe I was acting a bit bratty about it.

Perhaps in the future I'll sign up.

But shouldn't you send a message to every member then? Cause Ican imagine that most will just keep posting here, since they probably havn't seen that link.

Don't be surprised when the ammount of posts drop severely Marnia :p, haha. It was always makes me laugh when you said this isn't a porn withdrawal forum haha

It's still us

Just a different format (fewer threads). This format is very addictive, very much like reddit because there's always new threads popping out.

I have a feeling the new

forum will pick up steam shortly.  So many guys are figuring this out now, and all of them need communities that are supportive.

We'll be putting up a notice on YBOP about it shortly. It's already listed in the support page. I'm sure Gary will happily answer questions there, about a month. Maybe you can save some for him meanwhile.


I want to make another invitation if anyone else is interested in joining

Just added a couple of new sections, one for dealing with Internet Addiction (aka: wasting your time doing nothing in front of the computer) and a Female Section.

I know there are plenty of females around here so you're welcome to join Your Brain Rebalanced.

Take care everyone!

Well done!

There's a lot of good stuff happening on your site. We're happy to feature stories from there on YBOP, with a link to full journal on your site if you want to share someone's good news.

Hello again

The site is growing incredibly fast.

I'm actually a little scared.

We have more than 1300 members already and approximately 700 journals. I had to divide the journal section into several sub-sections depending on age.

We need more women though.

The place is going to be ABSOLUTELY HUGE 2-3 years from now.

Thanks for keeping us up to date

As you know, Gary cruises by often and shares some of the stories with me. You guys are doing some great work supporting each other...and learning more about what works and what doesn't.

I often encourage our new visitors to try your forum.