Inner Studies: A Course of Twelve Lessons (Hanish)

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Book coverHanishThese are excerpts from an old book, in which a man who claimed to have been trained by Zarathustrians in the Iran mountains, shared his insights about lovemaking without orgasm. Hanish died in 1936.


[p. 161]
IS it not strange how many people in matrimonial ties, although well mated in every way, after a few months of blissful existence, after a short time of happiness in the marital embrace and affection for each other, drift into lives of discord? Have you noticed that the man once so attentive to his betrothed, anxiously waiting for the moments of blissful courtship and so willing to pick up even the hatpin that has dropped to the ground by the banks of the running brook in the shade of night, where unobserved they could freely speak of their love, wandering about like happy little children, now that they possess each other, should be too tired even to answer the bell, rung by the once beloved one returning home loaded with bundles of goody-goodies, to be prepared for his pampered stomach? Is it not strange that her highest ideal which she once entertained of him, who to her was the best of men and the exception of all men, so sweet, so loving, so charming, so gentle, so heroic, for how often has he lifted her over the shadow on the carpet, now sinks before her to the lowest depths of despisal, contempt, disgust, and hatred? Such are only too often the experiences of the married which cannot be denied. But why should this be? Is he to blame? Is she at fault?

We all know from experience that there are always two sides to every question, no matter what its nature, and to be just and arrive at a proper judgment, we must not too hastily jump at conclusions, neither be partial, for we shall never be able to learn the real cause of all such afflictions with which humanity seems to battle in vain, and yet with all its attempts finds no way in solving such questions, which are of the greatest
importance to our race in general, and the generation to come, for the generations to come can only be the furtherance of the species we represent at present. We must find the true cause of all this evil. Of course, we all admit that "ignorance lies at the bottom of all evil, and that evil is the result of ignorance." This is all very nice and true, and a beautiful maxim that says a great deal but does not point out the way out of ignorance itself, and does not reveal in how far you and I may know that one or the other are representatives of ignorance. As long as I find myself in a world of things which are forms--and all life is form--I must necessarily become acquainted with that which takes on a form for evil. To make a long story short, we could say that it is the fault of the woman, and on the other hand it is the fault of the man, whenever inharmony manifests. But with this no one becomes materially benefited; no one is helped; no one gains any points whereby he or she may become enabled to do otherwise, for the only way to leave off sin is to recognize sin and to go and sin no more, that is, to do otherwise. If remission of sins is the condition hoped for, as well as redemption from disease and unhappiness into realms of happiness and peace, out longing then must be expressed by our will, which directs our actions accordingly and correspondingly with our desires.

The family life has as much its natural laws, consequently becoming a science, as the other laws constituting the other sciences, which to master we must necessarily become familiar with. If I am not acquainted with the nature of certain chemicals, nor their effect under certain conditions, I man in handling them experience danger; yet after all I may not have learned from it how to handle them without running risk. If you handle phosphorus it will, as soon as it becomes dry, ignite and you will burn your finders to such an extent that you may contract lifelong suffering. You may have experienced that to handle it is dangerous. Yet it is not dangerous to handle it if you learn to know

that you must handle it under water, and then you can do anything with it you please, without any risk whatever. You can dip it in hot oil; you can boil it, still it will not ignite, it will not injure you, and you can handle it as safely as you would water. You know from experience that you may take a dose of arsenic and yet not die from blood poisoning as long as ice is being kept upon your head and your lower limbs kept in motion. You know that although a poisonous snake may bite you, and although you have immediately thereafter opened the wound and drawn out the poison by sucking, yet if too late to remove it all, so that the poison is found distributing itself throughout the system and a condition of drowsiness comes over you, and you begin to get dizzy and ready to fall into the eternal sleep, that if you will only take cognac which contains one tablespoonful of salt to one pint and rub it on the affected parts as well as on the top of your head, and at the same time partake of this preparation, two tablespoonfuls internally, and keep on breathing and exercising by working hard, like sawing and chopping wood, for twenty-four hours, all danger will have passed. But, even in case you should have no cognac, if you will simply keep yourself busy working all the time from morn until night, and not allow yourself to take a rest, nor sit down, but work, work constantly, keeping your mind upon your work only, raising your vibrations towards the nobler, the spirited, you will soon find that after thirty-six hours you will be as well as ever. Activity is the most important thing, don't ever give up. Cheer up and be happy, and you will overcome all dangers. But there is the point we must know—how to meet danger, how to fight off danger, how to avoid danger. The latter is more important than any of the former, for if we never risk being bitten, we shall never be compelled to use a certain amount of energy, which requires of us to bring sacrifice towards the attainment of conditions we consider to be of comfort and pleasure. Nature asks no sacrifice of those who are in

harmony with its law. Those only who are constantly keeping out of harmony, for selfish, ignorant, and uncultivated ends, must bring tribute if they desire to become recognized by nature as being within the complex whole, or perish in their sins, that nature may be justified and adjust itself.

Obedience of the law that governs the relationship of the species and its sexes makes happy families; violation of that law means to suffer untold misery. There is happiness in all things, just as truly as the sun shines during the whole of the day, although to you it may seem night. Ignorance, and not wrong intent, is truly the foundation of all married ills. For if man knew better, had he been better informed, he would know the nature of woman, and surely he could not have harmed her, except he be a brute of the lowest type. And if woman only knew the weak side of all this gallantry she perceives in him while yet holding him as an ideal before her fancy, if she only knew that it is a great science to learn how to keep men faithful to them if they are not such by nature, how it depends upon her behavior, her character, on the day the wedding bells are ringing, if she but knew and applied her knowledge accordingly, she would spare herself a great deal of distress and also keep him in the paths of virtue. Then there would be no need of looking about for a remedy to mend their broken hearts. Unless both confess their faults to each other, unless both arrive at a better state of recognition, except both show contrition at heart and begin courtship over again, there can be no other remedy than to remain separate. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The vibrations of their minds, although seemingly hidden before the eyes of society, before their own family, will crop out; however ingeniously sheltered and imperceptible to the outside world, will be revealed by their own lives and the effect of such lives upon those they associate with. How unhappy they are! How she tries in vain to conquer those conditions! How the man attempts to forget

it all by seeking other associations and relations, and then how the demon of jealousy will enter into their once loving hearts! What a terrible state of affairs! "As man thinketh in his heart so is he, so he will manifest," will become more and more true as we look at society and here we find the family quarrels simply magnified. We reap what we have sown. We find this jealousy growing upon us. We see the undesirable thoughts of the father transferred upon the mother, and revealed in the child, and thus the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children even unto the fourth generation.

Society at large only shows to us the condition of individual and family life. In constant fight and fear of each other, they continue to vegetate as it were, struggling in a vain attempt for happiness and enjoyment which cannot be found as long as the individual question is not solved. Domestic felicity necessitates knowledge of the laws governing the same. Humanity continually gropes in the darkness in regard to the subject of right selection and the propagation of the species and proper marital relationship. People attempt to study everything else. They had better direct their thinking into channels of home study, dealing with questions applicable to everyday life, and not drift in mind to domains which exist no farther than the tops of their craniums, absorbed in a fanciful flight to regions beyond the skies. If that same energy were used in the studies of things that have a reality in existence, ideality would become practical. It is strange indeed that family science should be the most neglected when it is the most important of all sciences, and the only needful science in our life worthy of contemplation while within a plane of action. Yet, after all, it is not strange when we come to think that they are still groping in darkness to find God and

in realms unthinkable, that they still attempt to cover up their wickedness and their undeveloped conditions before the very throne of God who sees them in all their nakedness, even though they may attempt to hide their shame, which they do because of the corruptness of their bodies; but they shall be judged according to their deeds, not their words!

With love and affection comes the use of the sexual organs for creative purposes, and with affection the desire for the continuance of the exchanges of sex magnetism in the marital embrace, which acts as much for the furtherance of longevity of life and continuation of health, as it does in the creation of perfect offspring. The knowledge of the use of the generative functions in a proper direction and at times most natural, not only brings satisfaction to the desire of the one but to both parties engaged and is under such conditions as much a benefit as food would be in the furtherance of the creation of blood. Information upon these points is of the most vital importance. Ignorance and reckless use of them are greater crimes than gluttony or intemperance, for they strike at the foundation of our race.

As we have stated before, it is not exclusively the fault of the man, nor can woman be blamed; yet to avoid all risk in these matters we must necessarily become acquainted with the mistakes usually made. We shall excuse man for the present because he knows no better than to allow passion to get away with him, but we hold that she is in the possession of power at her command to avoid all unusual attempts upon her the very day of their marriage, and although he might have been loose in his past, she can cure him either of his ill-manner or his ignorance. If he should not show reason, he will have to prove his real character, which he may as well do upon the first opportunity as later, which
would complicate matters far more. Still, if love lies at the bottom of their desire for co-operation, he will be perfectly willing to submit to her wishes.
Usually it is customary to keep woman ignorant to the experiences that await her from the nature of man upon their wedding night, and where information may be obtained, it is on the average so vague and unreasonable that it is inadequate to the occasion and only detrimental, for it generally comes from an ignorant source.

It is generally supposed that the bride is to receive her instructions from the man. Think of it! To have man decide for her, as to the feelings she may engage in and to compel her to submit to his desires! How and what does he know about how to regulate her bodily functions? It is an almost universal custom for the groom to commit a crime upon the bride within a few hours after the marriage ceremony has been performed. And what else can it be but a crime, when wholly, unprepared, he forces her to submit to his passions and become and object of convenience? Men should realize that the person of woman is her own until she proffers it willingly and unconditionally, while under any other conditions, intercourse is an unpardonable crime. Many a young woman who enters the matrimonial state is ruined sexually by the lust of the husband. It is not uncommon for a husband to perform the act even several times during that night, and many nights thereafter. This can only produce a feeling of loathing in the mind of the bride and is liable to reverse her magnetic conditions and change the currents of electrism, which condition would be difficult to remedy unless she meets another who would blend with her nature and thus quicken her vibrations to their natural condition, whereupon she would be able once more to bestow her affections upon the object.

It is scarcely ever the case that woman can enjoy
any portion of the embrace at this early time of her married life, when yet insufficiently familiar with the man to occupy the same resting place. Not until they have become sufficiently familiarized and woman shows the desire or responds to the love-making of man, is it proper to enter closer relationship with each other, engaging in intercourse. The wedding day should be kept holy and a day worthy of remembrance. Man must consider that woman, although maternal, is not always in the condition to respond to its expression, only at certain intervals. As far as love expression is concerned, she will respond when properly and gradually approached and when she does not respond within a half hour's love-making towards bodily intercourse, man should remember that she is not in a suitable condition to please, and man must be wise enough to abstain at such times. If he forces himself upon her, he not only injures her health, but he cannot possibly derive the satisfaction he seeks. To enjoy an act of this nature it necessitates the participation of both parties prompted by mutual agreement.

The bride must learn gradually the designs of man, and when gradually a subject of this nature is broached she will remain in a condition to respond to an act even in advanced age with the same fervor and enjoyment as in youth. It should always be remembered that when woman expresses affection and desires to rest in the arms of her ideal, caressing and loving him, that she does not wish genital contact. The contact of face to face, heart to heart, or solar plexus to solar plexus, will soothe and uplift their minds towards the realms of conscious affinity. Where properly managed and with pure thought, sexual magnetism will be exchanged and thrills experienced, that resemble those induced by genital contact very closely. Such love contact will act refreshingly to the physical nature and be of more value
to the general health than the abnormal method of uncontrolled passion. Men are greatly mistaken when they think that women seek genital contact whenever they evince a great desire for love-making. She may at regular periods allow herself by proper and unsolicited conditions to submit to genital contact, but even in this case it may merely be to express her affection. Genital contact without previous courtship, love-making and caressing, is disgusting to both parties at the end of the act and a detriment to the congeniality of both, as no exchange of sex magnetism takes place.

It has been ordained by nature that the highest ecstatic enjoyment of life lies in its reproduction. This being the case, it remains for man to study the question of reproduction and sex intercourse, to secure the greatest possible amount of pleasure from the act. Such act, under the perfect control of the mind and a thought consciously directed towards an object to be obtained, will be of vital importance to the production of healthy and beautiful children. Husband and wife must be mutually adapted to each other and be of opposite sexual magnetism, in order to secure the highest results and satisfaction.

When entering upon genital contact it should be remembered that in this case, as in all others where there is mutual agreement, that both parties enter into intercourse with the liveliest anticipation of pleasure and a desire to confer pleasure. But such act must be positively abstained from where there is no desire on the one or the other part. Many wives simply submit to their husbands, even where they feel the desire for contact, suppressing themselves for fear their husbands might think them sensual or impure, thereby not only harming their nervous system, but leaving their husbands in a dissatisfied frame of mind, which only too frequently drives the latter to houses of ill-fame, or induces
them to seek the companionship of other women. A sexual embrace is a caress of the body and if it is not enjoyed then nature's law is being violated somewhere. As a rule man desires to produce pleasure to the female and if he fails to do so at home he goes somewhere else. If wives entered wisely into sexual enjoyment, cases of male infidelity would be rare, and if men would only learn to respect their wives and their conditions, learn to govern their passions, they would be amply repaid for their patience and perseverance.

Magnetism and vitality must enter into a perfect sexual intercourse, hence the act should never be performed when either party is exhausted by over-work, grief, or anxiety. Consequently the morning after a good night's rest is the best time. The enjoyment of the sexual embrace lies in the exchange of magnetism between the male and the female. In order to generate this magnetism for good and secure its complete enjoyment, the act should be prolonged for hours, in accordance with regulations to be learned and acquired by patience and thoughtful observation. It is true that the majority of men are unable to sufficiently prolong the act, but by persistent practice this accomplishment can be attained and the results will be astonishing.

When sufficient experience has been had to enable the parties to prolong the embrace for several hours it will be found that complete satisfaction has been secured and there will be no necessity to terminate the act with an orgasm. It will, of course, be impossible to secure the full benefits of this method at the first attempt, but continued practice will increase the enjoyment and the act can be brought completely under the control of will. When this has been done you are prepared to copulate correctly and to secure the highest enjoyment of which a human being is capable. What is there in the ordinary method, which usually takes less than five minutes
and consists only of a premature orgasm, as compared with the continuous enjoyment for one or more hours? Very few people seem to understand the benefits of the exchange of sex magnetism and the prolonged act of intercourse.

The generative fluid, or semen, is the life-giving principle and it is of great benefit to the male to retain it, in which event the vital forces are greatly strengthened by its being taken up and used in the upbuilding of the brain and the nervous system in general, thereby quickening the bodily organs to greater action. Withdrawal of the male organ at a time when orgasm begins is injurious to the male and should be avoided. Withdrawal at such moment reverses the magnetic flow and counteracts the benefits otherwise received. Each should keep the other informed as to their condition and when the climax is about to be reached, this being especially important to the male, all motion should cease.

In order to induce a proper magnetic current it is necessary for one of the parties to be positive and the other negative sexually. A positive condition is attained in being demonstrative and arousing the feelings to their fullest extent, while a negative state consists in being passive, remaining perfectly calm and composed during the act. When both are very positive there is a great waste of magnetism which eventually will debilitate, but when one remains passive, a benefit is derived from the magnetic absorption by the party remaining negative. It is natural for the female to be positive for about ten days or two weeks in every month. This condition usually begins about the seventh day after the cessation of the menses. During and for about a week after the menstrual flow the female is usually more negative. These conditions should be carefully noted and the embrace governed accordingly.

When a female-positive intercourse is desired, the


female expends her magnetism in powerful expressions of emotions and the male remaining passive absorbs it, while in the male-positive these conditions are reversed. Great benefit is to be derived from magnetic sexual intercourse, and especially so to the male remaining negative as the female magnetism is transferred to the male who is greatly strengthened if the generative fluid is not expended. When the female is negative, the male magnetism is poured into the body of the female who will be greatly benefited and strengthened providing she does not reach the climax. Unless reproduction is desired, it is better for the negative one not to reach the climax proper. Thus considerable benefit can be derived from the practice of both conditions. In order to establish a perfect magnetic relation, it is paramount that neither party has sexual intercourse with anyone else, as the result will be a complete derangement of the magnetic functions and destroy the love element.

To obtain perfect results, copulations should be indulged in very moderately, even though the animal propensities are predominant. If performed too often, the system has no time to recover its magnetic condition, and therefore should not be indulged in excepting when the feeling of ecstatic exaltation is experienced, which varies in different individuals according to the amount of vitality possessed, and has to be determined by the interested parties themselves. Once developed to a better understanding of the moral nature of being, conditions will change, and a different view will be taken in these matters.

To the morally developed, the sexual act, when properly prolonged and the expenditure of seminal fluids carefully avoided, will prove beneficial in cases of organic afflictions, strengthening the functions of the body by virtue of the exchange of sex magnetism, a condition obtainable by the intellectually guided and controlled
by raising the individual vibrations of thought. It has yet to be learned that the expression of love is of a deeper and inner meaning that cannot be promoted nor established by mere bodily contact, nor can the physical senses ever share the perfect emotions of a love purely individual.


ENTERING into such a subject as that of cohabitation, we should remember that all principle in nature is triune or threefold. That man is either animal, moral, or intellectual, with all the qualities of character inherent; but frequently governed by circumstances and environments which limit his expressions either in one or the other direction, he manifests action less belonging to man than animal. It will ever remain the question with men, where the principle of nature unfolds but slowly, as to the subject named, whether the one or the other way of life would be the most proper for one to pursue. We have to use the material in us to the best advantage we can and do our utmost to bring about conditions most effective for our individual nature.

It should ever be borne in mind that the condition of the body and its organic action decide our thinking, so much so, that the ideas formed will re-act upon us and lay a foundation for a complication of ideas, which if allowed to continue in their drifting tendency, will bring upon us many conditions and environments we attribute to our time, but which in fact are nothing more than the reflections of our previous conduct reminding us of our real condition, and warning us to retrace our steps, to check this shiftless thinking, before we sink deeper and deeper into the mire, to escape which will require an enormous effort and constant persistency.

There are questions arising in life which, unless we are able to realize our position and true relation to nature and its subjects, will continue to perplex philosophers even, and make it impossible for them as well as others to regulate or even help to regulate affairs in one's life,
which are due to misconception, misunderstanding, and misapplication. We are to learn to know what relationship exists between ourselves, and others and how to live so as to conduct our life that it may be in constant harmony with nature and the world at large. Nature responds to our desires, and when inharmonious with the law of Order, it will revenge itself for any imposition and react upon the forced conditions entertained, to the detriment of the individual perpetrating the same.

We are to learn and to understand that because of the three principal factors in the individual, animal, moral, and intellectual, the law of self-preservation attempts to adjust itself in the direction most conducive to the general condition of the individual. To the animal, nature brings out the animal propensities more strongly in effecting the process of preservation, while in the intellectual the same method would act detrimental to the progress and well-being of such a developed being. Although animal, a person is expected to control himself, but if allowed to go uncontrolled, revenge will come and cares and troubles must follow. In the animal man the transgression of law does not show itself as readily as in the morally developed, and the latter not as strongly as in the intellectually developed. Thus there is more suffering in the direction of unlawful cohabitation among the two latter named than among the first. We thus begin to learn that the greater our knowledge of things the greater one's responsibility.

To understand our subject, we shall consider our animal nature, thereby getting gradually to our moral and lastly to the intellectual, deducing such points from our study as will establish in our minds a standard of virtue that will require no amendment as we have our choice, either to continue in the rut or take steps toward final liberation.

The general idea is that intercourse is a necessity
and its accompanying emotions not only perfectly natural but even a duty we owe to ourselves and others. Were this absolutely true then we surely would not deny that in everything there must be a limit and that we necessarily must use control to a certain degree at least if we ever expect to become conscious beings realizing life and its object.

We have gathered quite a few beautiful blossoms from our previous lessons showing that the object of all organic action is perpetuity and unfoldment of being, preserving the life forces rather than spending them, and converting them into substances most conducive to health and development. This being the case, we would necessarily have to learn how to preserve them, but if insufficiently centered yet willing to begin with good resolutions and carry them out in a proper direction, time will give us the victory. The exchange of sex magnetism is a requisite in nature. The presence of the sexes congenially congregated effects this condition if intelligently developed, and without any thought on their part, respectively, and without any bodily contact; as it is a fact that all congenialities blend and by their blending transfer to each other the rays of light that enkindle and set on fire the energies of the child-life towards the higher manifestation of being, ever and anon keeping the light of discernment aglow, creating and regenerating the life forces towards grander and nobler attainments, keeping the mind in check and controlling it within the realms of innocence, preserving unto itself the childhood that knows only happiness and pleasure in life. If there was a better understanding of the law that governs bodily contact in the animal nature, there would neither be disease nor displacements of organs, which bring so much inconvenience and misery among mankind.

If sex intercourse be entertained, men, and women as well, must learn to subdue their passion and understand

the control of the sex magnetism and its electric emotions. The savages have this control naturally. The more artificially devised savage has lost this control because of insufficient education in this particular direction, and must now learn, as he has had to learn everything else—from observation and experience—to understand that there is more to be expected from sex relation than merely the gratification of the uncontrolled emotion of the moment, which only brings disgust of one's self and disgust for the one participating.

Treating the subject from merely a physical standpoint, it will be observed that even here nature has made a limit within which we must abide if healthful, happy and successful we desire to be. Even here we find that man must submit lest he be prosecuted by the law of nature to the fullest extent of the same, and pay dearly for every act committed unthoughtfully, and for purposes not intended by nature. As all functions of the body are dual, it cannot be denied that even the generative functions in the physical being are dual in their nature,—for love expression and parental results. In either case it requires attention and control on our part. The latter must be exercised with premeditation and care, so as to avoid all possible accident to the offspring, while in the former case it requires all of our understanding of control lest we impair the nervous system, sowing the seeds of loathsome disease. Our responsibility to offspring is great, and just as great is the responsibility of the exercise of our functions for love expression. We would not deny to the animal being the necessity of employing organic functions towards the acquirement of results conducive to well-being, but we must insist upon the necessity of perfect control, lest troubles follow.

When the organs are being aroused towards expression of love, it must be remembered that no ejaculation
of life fluids or semen on the part of man is to take place, as the seminal fluids are the very substance needful towards the life perpetuation of the individual, and where they remain unabsorbed, where they are not taken into the system for the furtherance of individual intelligence, there we shall lack the ability of perfect self-control and sooner or later begin to feel the loss and become conscious of a drain upon the system. The semen is to be ejaculated only when intended for reproduction of the species. When engaged in cohabitation for mere love expression, ejaculation must be prevented. To do this requires control. Where such control is not, it proves that the nervous system is diseased and the mind of a scattering tendency, drifting about without any real purpose in life and an object of mere circumstances.

It is found, because of suggestions from all past improper living, man on the average is no longer aware of the real object of sex relation, and owing to misunderstanding cannot exercise perfect control over himself but allows himself to be carried away by emotions unworthy of his name and the being he represents. The savage in all his ignorance follows the instincts of his nature, and from careful attention in the exercise of an act in this direction learns to go about it with caution and great care. He not only can control himself in prolonging the act itself but can control such an act without the necessity of the ejaculation of semen. He has learned that where two parties engage in an act of this nature, it is of vital importance to both to possess control and to follow each other's emotions with attention and concentration.

The ordinary person today unable to control himself, must, step by step, learn this control if he ever expects to attain to the very highest life affords and desires to abstain from the path of injustice and imposition.
With all the previous instruction of the former course and the present, we shall soon get our bodily functions to such a point that we will be able to not only possess animal control but rise even higher than the moral tendency affords, we shall reach the evenly balanced intellectual. To get to that point, we shall have to begin at the lowest phase and continue to improve on our upward path.

The seminal fluid when absorbed into the system furnishes us with intelligence and ethereal matter that keep up the nerve and brain actions while its loss to the system will bring on diseases of a paralytic and palsic nature, nervous prostration and diseases of the brain and nervous system at large. We should never forget that with every particle of semen saved we have laid a foundation for better development. To be born again means for us to become self-creative. But this is not possible unless we can preserve the seminal fluids. The abuse of the generative functions means organic disturbances of the body in young or old. Their proper use insures healthful conditions. When entertaining sex intercourse of an animal nature and for love expression, ending in bodily contact, it should not be forgotten that man must learn to avoid ejaculating the semen for his own sake as well as that of woman, as it will cause nervousness and irritability on his part if allowing himself to pursue such an uncontrolled path. Such conditions being imposed upon her, it requiring a much greater length of time for her to reach the climax, she will merely have her emotions excited and remain in an unexercised condition, affecting and impairing her nervous system, causing more trouble and disease than generally known and understood. It is thus a law and a requirement of nature, when contact of organs is sought, that ejaculation be prevented, for the love tendency merely requires the exchange of sex magnetism and not a sacrifice of life fluids, which need
rather preserving than expending.

Where such a controlled condition is not possible at the start, it must become our object to learn and to exercise the better way. But here we are apt to meet with difficulties. Nature allows no suppression, it wants control. Quite frequently men will suppress the ejaculation and generally at a moment where it is not only too late to preserve the fluids but when the functions are too abnormal to redeem the seminal fluids for absorption. Not only is it detrimental to the prostate gland to suppress, but to the nervous system as well, calling forth complications of a serious nature. To avoid such unnecessary maladies we will have to follow the instructions of the previous lessons and in addition to this where there is insufficient control, the male organ is to be placed into cold water and bathed, whenever a tendency towards suppression should be noticed. This will not only prevent enlargement of the prostate gland but aid in the control of the organs to a point where ejaculation becomes impossible unless so willed and where reproduction of the species is the object.

It is true that under certain conditions, but not exclusively so, excepting three days before and fourteen days after the menses, woman may engage in intercourse. But it should be remembered that at such times she actually cares not for contact and if forced or imposed into cohabitation, only too frequently follows conditions detrimental to her general health and her mentality.

The use of preventatives is "an abomination" for the reason, that it not only degrades and debases man, but it piles upon woman untold misery, while offspring reared under such influences only too often become a burden to themselves and society at large. The only true and natural preventive is control over the generative functions, which control must be exercised if we desire
to become chaste and harmonious with the law of nature. We should not forget that nature will tolerate us and our desires if we will only listen to its still small voice and follow its bidding into the narrow path. Where a habit once acquired cannot be conquered at the command of will, it will need the cultivation of such will by learning to normalize our organic functions to a degree most conducive to control. We learn to control ourselves and with that we learn to become more charitable and just to our fellow creatures.

Where intercourse has been indulged in in the past to such a degree that the organic functions have been greatly impaired, remember that the instructions from lesson to lesson, faithfully followed, will gradually help us to bring about healthful conditions and where obliged to engage in intercourse, we should make it our duty to control ourselves, that thereby we may be able to set a better example to others.

It should be borne in mind that the ecstasy experienced in intercourse, followed by loathsomeness and disgust, is the outcome of an uncontrolled condition and detrimental to well-being. It is the exchange of sex magnetism the physical nature seeks, as much as the mental longings for friendship and love. Momentary satisfaction or gratification is not natural but the result of unbalanced, uncontrolled conditions. We are not denying ourselves anything by keeping within the boundary lines of nature. It surety cannot be self-denial as long as we are doing the things which will liberate from sin, sickness and trouble.

Since the first step to intercourse is mentally instinctive only, while its execution animal, it should be remembered that even here is a law found that governs the time of copulation. Not only should man abstain from intercourse when woman has no desire for it, or when physically weak and mentally depressed, but abstain
from intercourse during the hours of night. The object lesson received from observation in the animal world ought to suffice for an example worthy our consideration. When retiring for rest and recuperation, no idea of cohabitation should be entertained. After a night's rest it will be found that intercourse entered upon not only gives man better control over his organs but woman responds more readily and both receive better results.

After having taken a light sponge-bath, which promotes skin action, regulating the bodily heat, with a covering of the finest and lightest texture, if any, the marital embrace, after prolonged love-making may, after a few attempts, no longer result in the ejaculation of the semen on the part of man, while the emission on the part of woman, followed by prolonged and self-controlled action, helps in checking the electric nature in man and restores the exchange of sex magnetism.

The generative fluid of man is the sum and substance of collective matter, and a source of vigor and longevity when re-absorbed into the system, toning up the organic function to greater intellectual activity. The expulsion of such generative fluid in man only shortens his life and brings on organic complications and premature death, especially where the expenditure of the semen is resorted to frequently. It should be born in mind that the semen having reached its highest possible development materially, and before being absorbed into the system requires an incentive towards chemicalization, which necessitates the exposure of the organs to sunlight and air, and the mental act of control in accomplishing the suppression of possible emission, which in time establishes a condition of voluntary suppression as much as full breathing becomes voluntary without any particular attention on our part.

The suppression of the generative fluid during coition, and where the organs have been excessively heated
without the required love-making, is liable to become troublesome to man. But where nature's rules are strictly observed the act of suppression will be overcome so that ejaculation of the semen would be impossible except when desired and so promoted by thought. Thought and mind play the most important part in everything pertaining to physical manifestation and when rightly directed will result in perfect control of the organic functions of the body and its emotions.

To the animal man it may seem at first a sacrifice to give up a habit he has grown into, as well as to woman who has allowed herself by improper development to be gradually dragged down into degradation. But it is no more than to abstain from over-feeding and over-drinking and observe total abstinence, in many instances for a time at least, until we have learned better; and, surely, once attaining a better understanding of our functions, no one would care to return to the old way, which offered but momentary satisfaction, followed by untold misery.

It may be necessary at first to suppress orgasm while yet afar off, but where it is liable to occur if the movements be allowed to continue and the mind is not able to check the idea of the expected result, relaxation must be resorted to by averting one's mind. Just before the thrill that precedes ejaculation, all bodily motion by both parties should cease, while the thought is directed upon subjects of an exalted nature.

We should learn to consider that the object of control is not to aid us in prolonging the act for merely sensual gratification, as in that case the object being material or animal, would lack the thought necessary towards the redemption of the generative fluids for absorption, and they would thus become lost to their real purpose, while an imposed strain upon the delicate textures of the organs would result in organic disturbances.
After a few attempts in this direction, we shall learn to take a step nearer the goal, while at the last moment, and when orgasm would ordinarily have been expected, the muscles become relaxed by taking fuller breaths. But even this is only another step towards the ultimate.

After a few attempts, intercourse will not only be prolongable for one and more hours but nature will be sufficiently conquered to pass right through the thrill and the orgasm without the usual ejaculation of the generative fluid, which by the gradual action of the finer channels becomes absorbed into the system by virtue of etheralization. The pleasure of emotion and its intense ecstasy, accompanied by orgasm, is not due to the ejaculation of the generative fluids as is generally supposed. True, to the animal being, less morally and intellectually developed, thrill, orgasm, and ejaculation are all one. One follows the other so rapidly that no distinction seems perceptible. But this emission of the generative fluids may be controlled and prevented by the will of man during coition as well as otherwise.

The flow of sex magnetism during sexual intercourse, when reaching its culmination on the one or the other side, results in the act of enjoyment, and when this current has reached a certain point of culmination, where it centers about the organs towards electrification, this electrified condition overflows as orgasm, and in sending its currents to the functions of fluid generation, causes the conversion of the seminal fluids. These fluids, unless counteracted upon towards absorption, which necessitates control over newly developed lymphatics set apart for this particular purpose, escape through the channels most convenient to them— thus, ejaculation.

When this magnetic flow becomes electrically blended by practice of self-control, under proper conditions it will insure perfect enjoyment of the flow of ecstatic thrills and orgasms, preventing the emission which
only weakens and disgusts. The fluid oozing from the male organ when entering coition and the lubricating emission of the female organ, enables the formation of the battery necessary for the transference of sex magnetism and its electrification.
Where woman lacks this lubricant, she not only misses the enjoyment of the act but also disgusts and over-excites the man, who, in his determination to experience the flow of magnetism, loses control over himself. When woman desires no intercourse, man must not impose upon her, as it results in dissatisfaction to both. Woman requires love-making before genital contact, while man, ordinarily speaking, is ever ready for sex union. Woman as well as man must observe the principal steps in controlling her sex nature during bodily contact, and gradually grow to that point where, the exchange of sex magnetism only insures the experienced thrill and orgasm towards conversion of the life fluids, so important to youthful appearance, general health, and longevity. Our main object is to understand that the materiality of things does not insure us of a lasting satisfaction, and that the joy and ecstasy experienced through genital contact is but of momentary duration, while the after effects are only too frequently a source of life-long suffering. True, the materially inclined suffers but little, for the reason, that in his ignorant and conscious state nature guides him instinctively, while he who claims to fathom the precepts of morality when engaging in acts of materiality must suffer a hundredfold, as there is nothing to justify his pretended ignorance. The greater our understanding of things, the more responsibilities fall upon us, and when claiming spirituality we can no longer tread in paths of materiality—engaging in material pursuits. We find that the reason two lovers receive so much benefit from love-making is because of prolonged courtship and their associationship for hours at a time. Unconsciously the
magnetism and electrism of their sex relation become blended and exchanged, which is the true incentive towards rejuvenation. The joy and happiness, as well as states of ecstasy experienced, is not only equal to bodily contact but because of its prolongation, has a lasting effect, increasing the love capacity of both, and for each other.

When a woman answers the approach of man believing his attentiveness to her to be true, the love vibrations arouse in her the expectation of receiving an equivalent in return. But if he does not really love her, but has entirely different motives in view, they will lead an undesirable life after marriage. She will then feel the lack of the expected vibratory exchange, and such a condition will prove as detrimental to his well-being as well as to her own. Having believed and pinned her faith in his sincerity, she not only gave out her love vibration, but she was unconsciously compelled to arouse her nature sufficiently to keep up her love functions, which in time have brought upon her mental starvation by the over-taxation of the love propensities, and now that they meet in genital contact she realizes her sad mistake, which to remedy it will not be possible, except by mutual understanding, or separation. A woman who has no real love for a man, but loves equally as well whomsoever she engages with, becomes a menace to society. She may lure man into the belief of love, and as he pays attentions to her, he will soon be found ruined, leaving a widow behind, not to mourn the loss but to accomplish the downfall of another. The man who pays special attention to one and makes her his wife while his thought is engaged by another will soon accomplish his deed, and lead her to the cemetery. And shortly after he will be found in the arms of another, who soon finds his real motives, Profiting by the experience of his first wife, we soon hear of a divorce and another divorce
and more. Insincerity in love matters is the cause of all the troubles in family life, and to remedy this most deplorable condition it requires better understanding of sex relation.

Genital contact is merely a step towards the better understanding of the state of felicity to be derived from a condition of equalization. We are to learn that it is a mere glimmer of the joys to be received, and the happiness in store for us when we come to know the law of vibrations, and the blending of sex magnetism and electrism between the sexes while in each other's presence. We are to better understand what it means that a man, looking upon woman with the desire to lust after her, has committed crime in his heart, and vice versa. We are to comprehend more fully that the very idea of physical contact with a view of gratification is a crime that will follow us from generation to generation, and will assert itself in our every day life. We are to mingle with the world, and yet remain separate. We do not seek to deprive ourselves of associationship, but we are to learn to control our nature until we have conquered habits accumulated by the superstitions of time, and demonstrate a character beyond reproach. As we gain a greater insight into the great realm of individualization we shall understand the joys and happiness to be received and perpetuated in a state of continence from genital contact, and the love vibrations felt when in the presence of those who answer our reflection. As we continue to take in a greater range of thought, and cease to limit ourselves to materiality and momentary satisfaction, we shall learn to experience more love and fidelity as our associationship becomes greater and greater, until at last we feel our love to go out towards the whole world, while the love of all the world goes out unto us. Here it is where we experience the unbounded love that insures us of joys not obtainable by a mere material effort,
and a feeling of cheerfulness, youthfulness and greater accomplishments in this world of action will be our reward. Even in our unconscious state we seek this condition of unlimited joy, yet we do not exercise the proper means in accomplishing that desired end. Material contact is momentary while the knowledge of individual sense and the presence of one's duality raises into action the very life forces which insure us experiences by far exceeding those noticed in materiality.

Even though grown into womanhood and manhood we are to continue to remain as children in our associationship, mingling with one another for mutual benefits, and for the purpose of expressing unlimited love for one another, learning to abstain from sinful actions reflected upon us, due to inconsideration on the part of those who have gone before us, and whom we have unconsciously followed, but having recognized their follies we are ready to retrace our wayward steps and pursue a better path, that will lead us to a state of happiness that knows no end. As in the case of two lovers, unconsciously to themselves, the life fluids are being raised out of their secret chamber towards re-absorption, resulting in experiences of satisfaction, happiness and unbounded joy demonstrating perfect harmony as they moderately congregate, remaining within a distance as to material sense expression, yet ever near in thought and mentality, just so and even greater are the experiences to those who remain self-centred and express a love unlimited and unsolicitated for bodily enjoyment, individualizing expression in a realm of intellectuality, recognizing neither spirituality nor materiality, but individuality through universality. Then we shall know that our purpose in life has been reached, and the question of the problem of life will be no longer a mystery, while the
question of the perpetuation of the species will be viewed from an entirely different standpoint, and as a means to an end most conducive to life eternal.