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Wow, you pack a lot of info in. Thank you for your dedication to providing this information and guiding people toward the deeper connection that non-ejaculatory sex can bring. F (intimacy retreat leader)

For years now I have been noticing and agonizing about the exact symptoms that you describe in the article this month on sexual stimuli and junk food. ( I really appreciate not seeing myself as a weirdo. ... Also, shifting my focus to my heart is definitely helping create more islands of steadiness in my life (

I thank you for your good efforts. This is a very important part of our lives and also a Spiritual development. Love and good wishes. (from Australia) M

Thank you for the wonderful work! F

Through searching the web i found this page, and when i read all the stuff on porn addiction i almost cried. i can really relate to all the conclusions and observations that were written in the articles about my problem. i realize now, i shouldn't feel guilty, but realize i've been fooled by my primitive brain. and somehow that was really an eye-opener. thankz once more! M

Thanks for all you do, and never let up the efforts! M

I love your newsletters, very interesting, thank you. What about making a Spanish version of this site, or Spanish audio version of your book? There'd be interest and further it would help out with the whole machismo and male/female problems within our communities. I have a lot of friends who aren't happy being players, and they don't know why. They say it's not even fun to be a player but they just do it cause of pressure from friends or because, what else is there to do? Plus, they say we're "hot" people, but as your site shows, it comes at a price. We have a lot of addiction problems, relational problems, violence and career problems which all may stem in part from wasting vital energy. If we knew more about this it would be great! M

This newsletter is good. I really wait for it every first of the month. Thanks again. M

I SO enjoy your newsletters, and have gained so much insight into my relationships with men. I sure have decided NOT to get married at this point until I study more! I have forwarded your newsletter to lots of my friends, and they all love it. Keep up the good work, and maybe I will speak with you one of these days! F

Another great newsletter! I love the way you are sharing the scientific research. I think that is very valuable. F

You're changing the whole way I think about relationships. F

Just a note to let you know that your 'newsletter' has affected several of my Dear Ones...I passed it around, and Wow!, the timing is impeccable for them... M

I really do enjoy these newsletters. F

You guys are awesome. I would love to continue to be on your mailing list. F

Thank you for your interest in this subject. Your sharing means a lot to many folks. M

Thank you so much for your newsletter! I have enjoyed reading it very much. I have appreciated the new insights, frustrations, and conclusions it has brought to me (and my partner). F