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When I read your book, my whole life came into perspective ! I realized that what is described there is exactly what I had spontaneously with a man when I was younger, i.e. sexual relationships without orgasm and with a very delicious merging feeling. It was a very simple way of making love, so incredibly good! I never lived with this man but we were extremely close, but after several years I left him because he didn't want to give me a child ! Talk about procreation programming! Later relationships all ended within 3 years maximum because I felt used sexually, as they always wanted more and more sex, and I wanted less and less. I realize now that what I was looking for was a karezza kind of love, and I was never able to create this in my life except with this one man. Until I came upon your site, I thought that this man was a "once in a lifetime" encounter, but now I realize that this way of loving can be trained and reached again with another partner, so I am hoping again ! Anyway, Marnia I really want to thank you for your book and your site, you give me hope ! F(Switzerland)

For the last 2 years, I have embarked on a concentrated search for an understanding on sexuality. It has taken me to many, many lands and teachers. Your book has provided a grounding to my life. Like you, Marnia, I have been into many, many so-called "spiritual" sexuality approaches. The polyamory approach makes sense intellectually, but energetically and practically, it does not suit me. M (Hong Kong)

Next weekend I'm attending an open house "for women on a spiritual journey" and the hostess asked us to bring books or information that we found to be meaningful to us on our individual paths. I'm bringing your book. It has to be shared. F

Love your book and I am somewhat in awe of the amount of research you have done looking at every corner of evidence. You have prepared an awesome case against genital orgasm as the culprit for the separation of man and woman. Its nice to have all the hard evidence you have collected and comforting to have it as a confirmation of what my heart tells me. This is my chosen source of guidance and its nice to find your work so I can now discern when something is just a message from my limbic system connected to my penis. M (Australia)

I keep reading your book and I love what you have done -- I think that it will some day be a foundation for something really big! M (Sweden)

I have finally taken time to read your book ... it is great -- you are a really great writer and I can see the legal genius in the presentation Smile It is clear, engaging and exciting reading because it makes so much sense and yet ... those who have an interest to push other agendas have a strong hand -- sex, drugs and rock'n roll are easy to sell on their instant gratification. But then again, we have so many couple friends who are in the dungeon without seeing what is going on. I had a lucky break with figuring some of this out on my own due to headaches after orgasm. M

I read it in one day, really fascinating stuff. It's a book worth owning and I look forward to reading parts of it again. F

I finished Peace today and am immensely impressed. It's the first time I've seen a practical book that honours the contributions of ancient Tantric sages and modern researchers in the field of human biochemistry. It explains how our body chemistry and attitudes affect our health, our relationships, and our life. A big relief for me.

I am very clear that this approach is directly related to healing the violence I experience in myself and is undoubtedly very useful for anyone with an interest in coming to healthier, more loving relationships with their own bodies and members of the opposite sex. I've seen a lot of violence and stress in and around me in that department both here and elsewhere over the years. I very highly recommend this book. M

For me one of the nicest qualities to you book is that you are very even-handed to both genders - women and men :) It seems to me that many authors, both women and men, put down or blame men for most relationship problems of past times or present. M

God bless you and your husband for finding a way to complement sacred ancient practices with scientific evidence, as it is much easier for today’s humanity to understand. I am so excited that I want to share your book and website with everybody. “Peace Between the Sheets” is definitely the ultimate anniversary or even birthday present. I don’t have to wonder anymore what present should I give my friends. F

I have been looking into sacred sexuality a bit for the last year and have found no other book like Peace. The book suggests some compelling answers to many questions that I have had for a long time now. Thanks again for writing the book, and maintaining a wonderful web-site. I really enjoy keeping up with your work. M

I have never been as grateful towards a person for their work as towards you for your work. I want to thank you from my deepest heart. I learnt about your book, and it's been a long way to be ready for it. But finally, I am there. You give me every explanation I have always been looking for. I finally understand all my pains and troubles, everything I disliked and never knew why. I have not started on the Exchanges, yet, but will, soon. I am prepared to relearn from the beginning. A week ago, shortly before I got your book, my heart opened. I sat beside a man, our arms made contact, and there it was, the flow through our bodies and our hearts. It keeps going still and I never want it to stop again. All fear is gone, all frustration. For years I have been praying to find a way to reunite man and woman as a holy experience bringing me closer to God. I have always known there was something like that. And those years of longing and stumbling in the dark have been so painful.

I had a wonderful experience this week: My boyfriend and I walked to an unfamiliar park. I let him guide me, but he didn't find his way easily. We arrived only after lots of detours. When we returned to the car it was dark already and he had no clue where to go. But I had. I led the two of us in the dark, not seeing or knowing consciously where I was going. But I simply KNEW the way. Without detour we arrived at the car. And that was it. I KNOW the way, I have always known it but I needed you to remind me! Relearning will not be easy, I can feel that. But at the same time I am totally relieved and relaxed because all this erotic detour isn't really necessary. And there is no other way, no other way at all - I feel that deep within myself and always have. THANK YOU so much. F

Thanks for 'Peace Between the Sheets'. I am a member of a Gnostic group and was given the book by a fellow-member, since although we do clearly teach non-orgasmic sex, there is no explanation of the physiological or neurochemical significance thereof. Many within the group would dismiss your explanation as 'intellectual,' but as someone who is intellectually driven myself, it has helped me-- particularly to come to terms with the alchemy (as we call it), something I found difficult before. M

We've been hearing all about [the latest example of a philandering guru]. Too bad they never read your book. Too bad the rest of the planet has not read your book — if they had, we'd all be out of this mess by this afternoon! F

Thanks for your heart wisdom and generosity of spirit in your website, book, and research. M

Thanks so much for your book. It has shed a great deal of light on my struggles and given me hope of a way out. M

I'm on page 247 and very heated up about not heating up conventionally anymore. Also, your humor is fantastic. I'm not one to chuckle out loud, but your marginal entries had me rolling. M

Your book Peace Between the Sheets was a recent topic of conversation in a Gnosis class I attend. As a practicing Gnostic (and widowed, young) I have found it a challenge to consider how to introduce the concept of sex without orgasm to a future partner (if or when there might be one!). Your book may just be the bridge needed. Your review of the Thelema video on sacred sex was also wonderful. It was nice to see Samael Aun Weor's information presented in such a light. Thank you for the work you are doing. F

While tantric practices have been around for thousands of years, this is the first time I have encountered them in such a clear, relationship-empowering, potentially life-changing manner. M

This is great stuff, thank you so much. Very helpful and beneficial. M

I've loaned your book out to a few friends and they have unanimously supported your stand on this, so PLEASE don't give up your passion....M

I just got my copy of Peace. I absolutely love it. It is both scholarly and personal. Funny and serious, and always thought provoking. It's exactly what I was looking for ... ten plus years ago (LOL). It has totally changed the way I look at people for the past couple of days as they act out and talk about their relationships. M

Your book is a jewel and full of fierce insight. Your irreverence is delightful! I have laughed so deeply from my belly, I couldn't stop! I'm part way into it and so appreciative. F

I would like to join the millions in saying "Thank You" for this incredible book. I stumbled upon your book several months ago when I stood at Barnes and Noble in front of an entire aisle of sex books praying for help regarding sexuality... I have followed the information in the book ever since and have gained my balance, health, sanity, and happiness. I am passionate about this information and would like to be a part of getting it out into the community to educate people. I would like to know if there is something I can do that would help to do that in an organized fashion. F.

Just wanted to let you know that I will be discussing your book, among other things, in my keynote address to the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine in Toronto on Friday. M

I have been thinking that this material is the "dot on the 'i'" of the Non-Violent Communication process, and I am wondering if one should make Marshall Rosenberg aware of this. I feel strongly that if people were to put into practise both these ideas, we would improve our chances of survival on this planet. F

I just received the book and I read the first few chapters and it has already blown my mind and answered so many simple, but so damned difficult, questions I have had since I started having challenges (that turned into problems) in my sexual / intimate relationships. I feel so excited I really don't know what top do, except I will order a wholesale amount of the books to have on hand and to send to friends... M

I really am intrigued by the quantity of "truth hits" your book keeps knocking me with. While I am reading your book I keep thinking of all the people I would like to share this information with. Which is pretty much everyone. F

The book should open the minds of even the most conventional thinkers. M

I have finished the book. It has given me a deeper sense of peace about what I know to be true for me in regard to the type and depth of connection I need in a partnership. I have also reached another level of forgiveness for the men with whom I have been in relationship, knowing that their acting-out of attitudes and behaviors was not personal even when they thought they were intending to hurt me. F

It opened a door for us, and I think it just might change my life! M

I have enjoyed reading it very much. I have appreciated the new insights, frustrations, and conclusions it has brought to me (and my partner). Thank you for researching this topic and writing a book that is so easy to read. F

I ordered your book through and I absolutely love it... it all just makes so much sense, I really look forward to trying it someday... F

I've been enjoying your book. Your ideas make complete sense to me, and you're changing the whole way I think about relationships. I'm so glad you persevered and wrote the book! F

It's really one of the best books I've ever translated, and I want the translation to sound as good as the original, so I'm doing my best. M

I've been enjoying reading your book - lots of things I really agree with! I was wondering if you happen to know of any communities in Europe that are open to or practicing healing, including healing the gender war, according to your ideas or along similar lines. F

I have recently finished reading your book, which has already been pretty influential in my life. M

Thank you for this book. I was wondering what was wrong with me that I didn't feel good after having sex with my partner any more, when a friend of mine gave me your book to read. And it is just right, exactly what I needed, the answer to my worries. F

It seems like I have been waiting forever to hear what you share concerning intimacy. Especially from a woman! I have had that swimming around in my life but have never been able to describe it in such understandable terms. M

I enjoyed your book a lot and have told most of my friends about it. I even sent it to a friend of mine to read. M

I read your book and was very much moved by it. Your book has convinced me that there needs to be a love connecton on a the level you speak of and I would like to know if you have any ideas how we can network. F

Thank you for writing Peace. Its a wonderful and important book! M

Peace is very interesting and if anyone has any issues with sex it's definitely something worth looking into. It's not a quick read for me but I've noticed a change within me just from reading the first third of the book." F