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I have researched your site and it is very informative and intriguing. It makes complete sense! M

Every great work stands on the shoulders of others. Yours and Gary's rests on the shoulders of Noyes, Stockham, Lloyd, von Urban, and the scientists who did the pioneering research on neurochemistry. And, as I see it, you are going far beyond them by learning and teaching an experience that is much more accessible to people than any previous attempts. The importance of this is huge. The divorce culture has really done a bad number on the self image of many people. The children often suffer the most fallout. They don't know where they fit in the universe. There is now more of an awareness of the importance of early bonding between parents and child. When parents have learned how to avoid Cupid's poison arrow, their child in the womb can be a participant in the consistent deep love experience between his parents. The child is thus born deeply bonded to both parents and has the best possible start in life emotionally. This would continue in the child's formative years as he/she is bathed in the love of the parents. There is no doubt in my mind that you and Gary have been chosen for your work. Thank you for staying open to where this truth leads you as it moves forward. M

My thanks to you, and to your husband, for the gift of this site. It's an oasis of wisdom in cyberspace :) M

I had read about Woman, Purity, Chastity, Love of the Soul etc and I held that to be true but I could not *translate* them. It was as though while I had the condensed format all along, you, through your site were able to break it down into specific steps. (An analogy would be in food and diet: We all know we should eat good food to stay healthy and fit, but we gain clarity when we have a book telling us oranges and tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin c which as an antioxidant helps the body against the effect of free radicals). You are able to be an objective link to people seeking to connect with rays of light. This after all is what gives joy to life and living. F

Thanks for this Courtly Companion opportunity. I'm excited to try it. I love the site--you've done more for me than you'll ever know! M

Your web site information has been a godsend to me as I had lost my focus on the potential for moving sexual energy for the benefit of spiritual growth, transformation and healing. Now, once again, I am sooo ready!M

As an addict to porn who has struggled to get any length of recovery at all I want to thank you so much for the bright ray of hope you have brought to me by publishing the material on your website. ... As I read your material, I, for the first time ever, had a sense of light coming into me. I still have that sense now, and I seem to intuitively sense a "rightness" about what you have said. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into this work. My hope is renewed that I can recover, grow further spiritually and pass all "gains" on to others. M

I feel like stuff I've come across on this site has opened my eyes to a new and healthy world. M

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very optimistic about shifting a long cycle of loving that hasn't been working for me. F

I discovered your Youtube video and website just last week and I wanted to thank you for the information that you provide. I had always believed that relationships do not work, but you show that it is not the relationship that is the problem. You put facts and scientific reasoning behind something that I felt and saw for so many years but didn't understand. Armed with this information, I feel as if I am in a much better position to have a long and meaningful relationship with someone. M

Let me express my delight in stumbling across your very "addictive" website. As tired as I was, I couldn't resist reading all of three of your articles. In fact, I actually gave your website thumbs up on StumpledUpon. Well researched, very timely and quite comprehensive. M

On blogging - I enjoy the opportunity to hear others' perspectives, be challenged, and articulate myself. There isn't a topic that is more interesting to me. Your site really came along at the perfect time for the path I was already on. I'm glad you do the work you do. Thanks on behalf of all people - men and women.

I just wanted to thank you for publishing your works for free, the article about porn addiction has been very valuable for me, you're giving a great service to the community. Thanks and congratulations. Your site is encouraging. Greetings from Mexico.

Your site is WONDERFUL! I am a Ph D in psychology and have been studying the benefits of having a partner....You do an absolute brilliant work in taking away the guilt from this issue! THANK YOU! It is saving my relationship! I have been trying to explain to my partner from a spiritual point of view. I totally "forgot" about all my knowledge about hormones and especially oxytocine. You helped me find the link between body-mind functions and spiritual development! Superb!...It was the message my partner needed to hear to get over the threshold and get the grip of what his addiction is all about! F

I'm thanking you because your blend of no-nonsense science and spirituality has given me more hope for wholeness and health than any of the well-meaning platitudes, ambiguous psychotherapy, isolated soul-searching, or dogmatic religious condemnation that came before ever gave me. M

I have gone through the site quite extensively and found this to some of the best material available on the internet regarding porn addiction and masturbation recovery. M

I enjoy and admire your website. You are so generous with your writing, and also with your resources. I loved the William Lloyd "Karezza Method" [available via link on right-hand side of this page] The website is a labor of love, and I thank you for it. F

You have created an amazing resource with your website, which we are only just beginning to explore after 'discovering' Karezza very recently. Please keep up the good work! We wish we could work out how to tell everyone we know about these ideas! Many, many thanks. F & M

What I like with your writing is that you have translated the somewhat lofty gospel into something both warmhearted and clinically real. You can actually come to feel the reality without the often a-bit-flaky assertions of New Age ideology. M

You have done, and are doing, a profoundly amazing thing, on so many levels. At the very beginning of 2007, I found your site. I was researching addiction, out of curiousity as to why the human mind is so "grasping." No matter what, one addictive behavior always transforms into read. This website was exactly what I needed to stumble upon, and came into my life at the exact right time. F

A really helpful website. Some perspectives I have not looked at before. [Referring to material on porn addiction recovery] M

A Course in Miracles says
"T-1.VII.1. .... 2 The confusion of miracle impulses with physical impulses is a major perceptual distortion. 3 Physical impulses are misdirected miracle impulses." Perhaps Karezza is a way of recognizing physical impulses as miracle impulses. M

I don't usually send emails to sites, but I just had to say. "Thanks." What terrific info. I just spent a couple of hours reading your pages. My first reaction is "Great. Low-carb sex." And I say that with the greatest reverence. If this helps my relationships half as much as Atkins helped my health, I'll be in emotional heaven. I'm trying to get off of the "Bi-Polar Express" in every aspect of my life, Next stop -- Reuniting? M

I most fortunately found your site a few months ago, while Googling the title of Barry Long's book. It was Paradise after years of... absurdity! So, first of all I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for your work, the generosity of sharing so much online, the embracing of such a world-changing mission. F

Thanks for this website. The information on this website has changed my life for the better.

I am delighted to find your site and the wonderful compilation of information there. I was actually searching for information on Noyes and 'Karrezza' and 'Sex Perfection and Marital Happiness' to share with a friend, and to find them all on one site along with updated information on the role of neurotransmitters ... Wow. M

As someone who struggles with "sexual brokenness"/porn addiction, I am so glad to have found your website. I journal my journey and link to things I learn on So much of what you say makes sense about my own cycles of highs and lows and orgasms. It's a huge leap to redefine my sexuality, decreasing the role of orgasm, but I can discern some wisdom there.

I just wanted to say "thank-you" for your very informative website. It is definitely something I have been looking for....It's funny how the Higher Power thing works. I had just said to my wife, "I don't know how to have sex". "I don't know what to do". I felt defeated and hopeless. ... I was getting this horrible ringing in my ears while trying to turn myself on with porn images running through my head. It didn't really work and I felt very low again. I got up at 2 am and started searching Google (for about the hundredth time) to find some assistance. I don't know why it took this long for me to come across your web site but i am thankful. It resonates with me very deeply. I have to learn about this way of being sexual, no matter what.

It is with deep appreciation that I say, "A Job Well Done." I spent 7 years living in Bali and Southeast Asia going through an initiation into the ancient mysteries of Sacred Union as the model for Healing, Transformation and enlightenment. It was a non mental Journey. I found your web side about a month ago and have read all the material. I am excited for you have given me the mental back up for the journey that I have been on. Keep up the GREAT work for this is the work of the 21st century. M

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion for exploration of the ancient mysteries. M

Just looked at your blog; it's fantastic. I think you are right on about the Coolidge Effect. Sex without orgasm makes the male physiology more desirous, not less. Getting males to appreciate the "mini-orgasm", the one that occurs for the male just before ejaculation, and which can be repeated multiple times, would be a great step forward for people. I've helped my girlfriend understand this and she now feels good for me when I have one of these instead of a full orgasm, which I find reduces our future sexual frequency if I have it too often. Maybe we can induce you to talk at one of our Future Salons...M

I read through the porn help page, you guys are providing some very useful information. It is still easy to fall into a self-judgemental mode after losing one's energy. I've been really struggling lately, as mentioned before, but I feel I can see my path much more clearly now that I have been reading your materials. M

I enjoyed perusing your website and strongly agree with your presentation on sexual energy, the Taoist practice of non-goal-oriented lovemaking (especially in this already over-populated world), and the conundrum of the marriage state in general. I think the perspective presented by your site is important and would like to link to it. You two keep up the great work. M

Thanks for your great web site. It says a lot that I've intuitively felt for many years. I don't have a partner right now, but when/if I do, I'll have a whole new way of relating. F

What you are proposing really resonates as true with me....I have been trying to understand sexuality in a spiritual context. Your website has been a tremendous help. It certainly rings true to me - the highs and lows. The orgasm always feels great, but then I feel terrible for a long time after, and it
usually begins within minutes of the orgasm....You and your husband did an excellent job on your website and in your research. It took a lot of courage to go against the prevailing trend of more and better sex (and orgasms). Well done! I am sure I will find your book fascinating and valuable. M

I read your material with avid interest and it is an inspiration (and a treasured resource to return to again and again). M

Marnia, I like all of the articles that you have pointed me to. I am falling in love with your work and its direction. Thank you for your efforts and the apparent joy and sanity that you bring to it. M (magazine editor)

Thank you for your beautiful and full of wisdom web site. YOU ARE DOING A LOT OF GOOD TO MANY PEOPLE. Peace, force and happiness to you (from Argentina) M

I feel that you are not aware of what it is that you have produced. It is the the best collection of ancient writings I have found, and it is done with class, heart and LOVE. Reading between the lines I see the keys to decoding the mysteries of transformation and ascension and it is far more then having or not having orgasms. You have created a masterpiece of ancient wisdom presented in modern language. M

Thank you. Finding your website is exactly what I need at this point of my life. F

Thanks for your web published material. It has been very educational and thought provoking. Hopefully it will benefit my relationship long term as well. M

I am writing these words to congratulate you for this web page and the great help to the couples all over the world. Sincerely, the information you give in this web is fantastic. Many couples in crisis can find in people like you a great help. (from Spain) M

Your site is wonderful! I am loving exploring it, and am so grateful to have been turned on to it! F

[A woman responding to a man's "singles ad"] A big reason for my responding to your ad is your reference to It's a very direct, yet gentle, way of saying where you're at with your sexuality and your willingness to relate on a higher level. The concept is not new to me though I'll admit I haven't yet had the experience with a willing and able partner. F

Thank you for your wonderful insights. I stumbled on your website quite by accident. I have a lot of work to do in my own life, in order to move closer to intimacy with a woman. I will be reading the material on the site once again and will look for your book. Once again, thank you for you work. M

Thank you so much for your web site, shared information and videos. The information in the videos is well presented. Full of wisdom and thought invoking - you are on the enlightened cusp. Hard to believe you were oncea lawyer ! *smile/joke* M

We are writing to you because the editorial team of has found your page titled "Reuniting" most interesting and has chosen to publish a link to it from the front-page: The editorial team of Selvet, Denmark's Spiritual Webmagazine

I would like to join the general chorus and add my own two hands to the general round of applause for your web site and the information within. I just finished watching the four videos and read some more articles from your site. My own experience with my wife, if not as long lasting as yours or as that of other people in this forum, match to a high degree what you describe (we are no longer speaking about divorce!). I am particularly excited about your references to Lao Tsu. I had already heard that in daoism men are recommended not to spill their semen, but I have not yet gone to read the text in Chinese. I will soon. Obviously, Lao Tsu is well known here in Taiwan, but this aspect of his teachings have not filtered through (apparently just like Alice B. Stockham's haven't in the US). Maybe it's time for me and other Chinese speakers to go and revive some old memories of ancient wisdom in this part of the world. M

I think the information given [at website] is quite important for humanity. To make sure the information is spread to a maximum degree I would like to make it available in Dutch. M

Thank you for this fine contribution toward raising the consciousness of our society! F

The way you're writing things and approaching the topic - it's relaxed yet informative and vital. M