Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza

Happy loversKarezza side effects may include more energy and a healthier libido

Not long ago, there was a brief publicity flurry about a venerable, but little known, approach to sex called "karezza" (pronounced ka-RET-za). ABC ran a news story and karezza articles showed up from Argentina to India. The ladies of The View even grappled with it. A karezza subreddit gained steam, and Germany gave birth to a new karezza website.

Is There a Prerequisite for Successful Karezza?

Submitted by John G. on

Is it a prerequisite that the male’s foreskin be intact or restored?

I define ‘success’ as both a happy husband and a happy wife.

My wife and I have been practicing Karezza for 6 ½ years. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited from it. The effects of semen retention for me are real and substantial. Protracted intercourse is a wonderful thing.

But, my wife has not enjoyed Karezza. She finds protracted intercourse irritating and some motions by me painful. She also has a bit of a mental block about Karezza, that it is not natural.

Frenuloplasty to avoid ejaculation

Submitted by Tantralove on

Around 5 years ago I got the frenulum cut as it was short and the glans was bent. Now the skin stays back if I place it there and the glans is not so sensitive (autocircumcision). I think it looks better and it it's much easier to avoid ejaculation. As young I had problem with premature ejaculation, but now I can easily avoid.
We have weekly sex, but I only ejaculate a few times per year (I'm 68 years old) if I'm not focused to avoid it. The back side could be a little harder to get erection, but that is not a problem. I would be glad to hear other experiences....

Why is it so quiet in here?!

Submitted by Jcjoubert13 on

Hi there
Hope all of you are well!!
Either everyone is so busy with their practice, or not enough hahahah.
Its been a while since anyone noted anything in here, and I think, as strong or busy the Nofap movement is, we need to also express our what we do more freely, as it's nothing to be embarrassed or shy about...
What do you guys think?