Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza

Happy loversKarezza side effects may include more energy and a healthier libido

Not long ago, there was a brief publicity flurry about a venerable, but little known, approach to sex called "karezza" (pronounced ka-RET-za). ABC ran a news story and karezza articles showed up from Argentina to India. The ladies of The View even grappled with it. A karezza subreddit gained steam, and Germany gave birth to a new karezza website.

Is pair-bonding illegal?

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Is pair-bonding illegal in our society?  I know that sounds ridiculous.  Maybe it isn't, but the limiting ideas we have about it, such as the way we approach dating, and what we call marriage, etc., seem to indicate that it is.  I will share some reading I've done that makes me wonder such things. I am quoting Brad Warner below:

"There is no set Buddhist view on marriage. But I’ll give you my own take on it in brief.

Study: The Clitoris—An Appraisal of its Reproductive Function During the Fertile Years: Why Was It, and Still Is, Overlooked in

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