Just bonding behaviors when starting a relationship

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(CuriousFellow) I wish everyone who is considering getting into a new relationship would read my story. I decided to postpone the sex, and enjoy the bonding behaviors. Taking the focus off of sex made the experience soooo much more relaxed, enjoyable, and less stressful than previous dating experiences. Here is my story:

"Karezza: Sex, Please...But, Hold the Orgasm!"

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This article appeared on an online magazine called "BettyConfidential.com"

The mysterious art of making love without climaxing.

(by Natalie Bencivenga) The idea of having sex without crossing the finish line may seem to some like a waste of time. Like Samantha from Sex and the City famously once said, “When I RSVP to a party, I make it my business to come.”

Gay karezza

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(vrabie) [Background] My first boyfriend J., who I met as a college sophomore, was of European descent but lived in Asia through most of his childhood, and had developed an interest in eastern philosophies. It was from him that I first learned about certain Taoist and Tantic sexual practices, such as controlled breathing and channeling energy up through the spine. He had read a bit on the subject, and being drawn almost exclusively toward men, tried to adapt the ideas to homosexual relationships.

Found a way to masturbate without orgasm, with no effort to prevent orgasm, feeling awesome afterwards! (old post)

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Hi folks, this is my first post on this site. I hope I can provide some ideas of value.
The short story: 7 days into my first no orgasm trial, I decided to masturbate without orgasm. It was awesome, and I didn’t orgasm. I felt awesome afterwards.

The long story...
For some context, I’m I guy, 27 years old, not addicted to porn.

Another health benefit of karezza? (for men)

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My darling lover has been waiting to tell me this because he wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke or a passing thing~~

But this morning he told me he is pretty confident that our karezza lovemaking has been beneficial for his prostate. Smile

He said he started noticing a couple of years ago that his urine stream was getting a little weaker and he was not able to completely empty his bladder all at one time (he would have been 50 at the time and I guess this is a part of the aging process for men~~he is now 52).

Committed Relationship: Like It Or Not, You’re Wired For It

Zeus and his wife HeraPair bonding is a biological program not a cultural construct

Despite a colorful array of cultural differences, humans everywhere fall in love, attach emotionally for long periods, and feel betrayed when mates are unfaithful. These behaviors are innate, not the products of random cultural influences. To make this point another way: Most mammals don't tattoo their mates' names on their bums, and are not subject to fits of jealous rage.

Human Brains Are Built to Fall in Love, an earlier post, explained that pair bonding behaviors have neurobiological mechanisms behind them. Now, there's more research evidence of our underlying pair-bonding programming.

What Your Brain Looks Like After 20 Years of Marriage

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This is an article about "swans" (couples who stay in love long-term). Note that the scientists' only theory of why they succeed is frequent sex. Intercourse is a bonding behavior. Might it be that frequent bonding behaviors are the key? After all, that's what attachment between infant and caregiver runs on, and as they explain here, our pair bonds rely on the same brain mechanism. Maybe one day scientists will think to ask about bonding behaviors.

My husband likes something I can't share. Will karezza help us to get back together?

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Hello I could really do with some help. My husband and i are around 60. Three and a half years ago my husband finally found out how to use the internet. His searches helped him to realise a latent sexual preference he had had feelings about, but that wasn't explicit. He likes to be lifted. His fantasy would be to be over my shoulder with me giving him oral sex. That wasn't going to happen for two reasons - I just wouldn't, and although we're a similar size and fit and healthy I couldn't.